More on Blizzard exodus

Its an interview with Roper with more info on the Blizzard departures.

Starting over as a ""lean and mean"" company will grant them new creative freedom. In fact, Roper is sure that they''ll initially come with too many ideas and will have to trim back to find the great one. He also admitted, ""We''d love to be talking with publishers"" and mentioned that interested parties could get in touch on the company cell phone at 650-207-6030 (serious inquiries only, please).

And suddenly Mr.Roper cancels his cell phone plan.

Vivendi is stated as thier main reason they left. It makes me afraid for Blizzard''s future, is Vivendi interfereing too much?

Dammit... and I was hoping WoW would be the game that would get me back into MMORPGs. I hope they keep up the Blizzard tradition of quality - but founders like this leaving is a very bad sign.

World of Warcraft is being developed by Blizzard in California, not Blizzard North. WoW should not be affected by this.

You mean Blizzard in Southern California. Blizzard North is in San Mateo California (sandwiched between San Jose and San Fran).

Ya you know I''d pretty much assume that the heads of Blizzard south will just assume more responsibility and oversee Bliz North products.

The odd thing I dont get is according to Roper, they don''t have a non compete clause, which would prevent them from stealing employees.

Can anyone else smell something possibly fishy in this? Lets say that those that left were all more figure heads in their daily duties (not that they arent talented). So with the leadership of Bliz south''s blessing, they are allowed to leave and take any of their friends with them.

Can anyone else see the evil grin on Bliz south''s face when the leadership of Bliz North practically abdicates and takes any potentially nagging resistence with them?