Historically, movie video games suck

Saw this over at Slate: You've Seen the Movie, Don't Play the Game.

It's been up for awhile... so I apologize if you've already seen it. But after reading Elysium's Screwing the Sheep And Other Mangled Metaphors, I thought it was appropriate.

The client's company then put out several pieces of crap based on the license, and as predicted, people bought them. It's worked out for Enter the Matrix, too: Gamers bought a record 1 million copies in its first week on the shelves.

What's surprising is that gamers haven't figured out that they should stop buying these games.

How many of these kinds of titles are you guilty of purchasing? For me, Star Wars: Rebellion comes to mind.

Well, You can''t blame me for buying the original Xwing and Tie Fighter. Even Xwing VS Tie Fighter (Truly, a game ahead of its time). Star Wars Rebellion was fun for me btw

I began to realize movie-based-videogames sucked when my dad bought me Total Recall for the NES. At first I thanked him, but after playing, I thought he was punishing me for something.

It''s harder to think of a *good* movie based videogame.

Maybe Tron 2 will break the mold?

There''s a point when a movie-based game line morphs into its own sort of entity, where the success of one doesn''t affect the other. Star Wars comes to mind, along with Star Trek to a lesser extent.

Though it''s somewhat off-topic, I keep running around suggesting that Lucas Arts should commission someone to do another X-Wing vs TIE Fighter. I''m thinking up to 64 players, online scenarios with mission objectives in each map, and faction allegiances with stat tracking. That would make me grin like an idiot. Not to mention your modern PC can render scenes in real time that are superior to those in the original movie trilogy.

Do the Aliens Vs Predator titles count?

Wish someonw would do a ""You''ve played the game now don''t see the movie!"" list.

Super Mario Bros spoiled my enjoyment of Mario games for a long time afterward and I can''t honestly think of a good film that''s been made from a videogame.

All right, today''s announcement by Activision throws my previous premise out the window.

My wife and I went to rent a video, and noticed that Hollywood video was giving ""free rain checks"" if they were out of stock of Enter the Matrix. Big surprise, they were out of stock. So about a week later got my free rental (PS2). I actually thought it was pretty fun for something I didn''t pay $40 for. My wife just wanted me to rush through the levels so that she could see the extra matrix video.

So I guess I''m saying ""renting Finding Nemo or whatever for $5 is cool with me. Buying it before you read a review or hear from someone you trust that it''s cool is...not a smart move.""

Hmm. I think Blade Runner''s the only movie based game I own. It was rather good, actually.

Indiana Jones III was a great movie-based game. Of course, I''m talking about LucasArts'' adventure, not Ubi''s action crap. Alien III - the SNES game, not the Genesis/Amiga 500 titles - was quite decent as well. Rogue Leader might be short, but it''s definitely a nice action game. One or two other games. Konami''s Bucky O''Hare for NES happened to an impressive NES game in its time. One or two other titles probably escaped my mind.


Of course, those are titles are rather exceptions.