Top four at Blizzard resign

From Yahoo

Well, it was an interesting ride while it lasted.

Next in related hypothetical news:

Founders of Blizzard North create a start up with backing from Microsoft. If you cant purchase blizzard directly, you can steal all their talent and call it even.

Any takers on the odds of this happening? I mean any takers on when the announcement will take place?

I do not think Microsot will be the backers. They are big enough games that they can get some VC.

Oh sh*t. The last bastion of quality, and Roper leaves.

Im confused now, and there are wolves after me.

Holy sh*t! Hmmm.......

Well as far as I know, Bill Roper was more their PR guy/Voice talent. He didn''t really do any design work on the games.

I didn''t really know what he did, but still all these guys had been there from the beginning, and its a tremendous loss, IMO. They state Vivendi as the main reason they left in the interview posted somewhere else on the forums.