Tron 2.0 multiplayer demo

Saw on evils that tron 2.0 multiplayer demo is out.

Ill check it out. It'd be pretty cool to fling lethal frisbees at my friends.

yeah...wish fileshack had far no mirrors are working for me at the moment.

Dont bother. I can get it to run.

Well I can but even the menus are a slideshow. When it takes you 20 seconds to move the mouse over to the play option and 15 seconds to move to quit, you know which one youre going to choo-choo-choose.

I was able to load this game up OK. I played a few rounds with some other new players and got the hang of things quickly. I found this to be fun to play and spectate. If there were four teams there was a round-robin type elimination untill the final two teams squared off.
I thought this was fun.

Fang, what''s your system like? I''m curious as to why it was such a sideshow. Nvidia or ATI? And welcome, Newman!

tycho over at penny arcade seemed to think it sucked, but i forget if it was a 1.0 demo or a 2.0 he was talking about, was there even a 1.0?

I''m not sure. But I was talking to one of my friends who beta tested, and he said the single-player flat out rocked!