I feel the need for speed Midnight Club2 or Burnout 2?

I am in the mood for a fast and fun car game. I don't want realistic physics. I do want nice eye candy, fast action, and high fun factor. Anyone who has these have a recommendation?

Have you considered Midtown Madness 3? Definitely worth a look, fits what you''re craving very well. But, only get it if you have Xbox Live; the single-player campaign and unconnected multiplayer options are not enough to let the game stand on its own. When played through live, though, the game shines.

Unfortunately I don''t have a X-Box. My choices are PS2, GC, or PC.

I''ve heard a lot of good things about Burnout 2, I would imagine that would be a very safe bet if you have the need for speed. If you decide to get it, go with the GC version.

Cool. It will be nice to add something to the GC library.


Burnout 2 is a safe buy. I don''t know any person (that doesn''t absolutely dislike racing games), who didn''t enjoy this one. The crash mode also works as party game. Haven''t played Midnight Club II yet, but the reviews have been very positive and the videos looked really nice.

that SmashTV avatar reminds me I need to find my Amiga disks again :).

On the X Box, anyway, Burnout 2 is a lot of fun. I enjoy it quite a bit. Be forewarned it is a little short, if you are into unlocking lots of things. At least that''s what a friend said. I am still having a blast with it and it takes me longer to unlock things (I think my twitch-gaming goes down as I get older; maybe I''ll find the waist of my pants itching up in a few years). I haven''t tried the other 2, so I can''t say one way or the other.