I think I broke my vid card

After downgrading my NVidia drivers to get an older game to work, now Direct 3D doesn't work anymore on any game. I've tried going back to my regular drivers, but I still can't get Direct 3D to work. Any ideas?

The card is an old GeForce 3. No drivers from the 28.xx series all the way up to 40.xx work.

Nevermind. Damn that Norton''s. You''d think they''d have a very big, red off-switch.

I detest Norton, I do have it on my system but its only function is to scan my drive once a week. Otherwise, it stays off and I trust my common sense to avoid most viruses out there. That damn program eats too much memory and screws up all kinds of things otherwise.

I''ve never had a problem with it until I upgraded (or I should say downgraded) the driver. Apparently, you should really listen when they say disable ALL anti-virus software before proceeding.

I prefer to not have any security software running in the background (except my Firewall) since it usually makes things a bit more unstable. Ages ago I once tried out the Norton Crash Guard or whatever it was called, and my PC did tend to crash more often whenever that thing was running.

I run no AV or firewall stuff, as I am behind a router, and am careful of what ports I forward. I also check my email through a webmail thing, so its very hard to get a virus unless I click on ""Download this file blah.vbs"", which I dont do, because Im not a retard.

Ive only gotten two viruses in my lifetime anyway, CIH from a friend who gave me a Diablo character save/load util, and another from my cousin running klez over our LAN. Both cleanable.

Not using IE really helps my chances too.

Of course, using Linux is even better, but I can only play about half my games under Linux, and I have no All Seeing Eye

I''ve had viruses taking my comp down two times in the last couple of weeks and yes, I had taken decent precautions. I guess it''s just sheer luck when you don''t encounter a virus for a prolonged time, they seem inherent to using the internet