Anyone up for some BF1942?


I hope you actually meant to say Desert Combat.

Damn, wish I''d been around. I''ve been aching to play some BF1942 lately. What''s pathetic is that I have Desert Combat installed and I''ve not played it yet.

That latest DC is tuff on systems... Anybody with an older system seems to be getting hit hard by low frame rates. Hope they can optimize more.

/steps in and waves

DC is tough on computers. I have found that if you turn the sound quality way down, your system will perform noticeably better. (worked on three computers so far)
I have a P4 1.7/512/NvidiaGF4128/realtecAC''97
I went ahead and turned everything down to the 50% mark and it works just fine.
CAUTION: If you like BF1942, be careful playing DC. You''ll end up playing only DC. It''s that much fun


ps. O-man! I''m the Mail Boy. youch!

Yeah I have to say at LAN parties we tend to play only DC and not the original BF1942, at least I''m not reloading every 4 seconds!