Strom Thurmond Dead at 100.

It's about time, although Trent Lott probably wished he had died a year earlier.

Anyway this death conflicts me. On one hand he did serve his country for all these years and that does earn some respect. On the other you have to wonder what affect his outdated politics had on the said Senate. Running as a Segregationist for President has to have some effect on his politics and politics in general.

Wow. I just can''t believe he''s dead. I always thought he would live forever like Castro.


Looks like his contract with Satan finally ran out. Better watch out, Mr. Burns.

I don''t know if his segregation stuff really matters, as soon as Blacks were voting in force he switched sides. I think he just played opportunities. Is there any evidence that he was really racist?

Compared to other people his age, he was probably quite the opposite of a racist. I think he was just playing opportunities as well.