Elite Force 2

You know, I had trepedations about this game all week, but now I am pleasantly suprised at how well Ritual pulled off the SP. It's got all the Trek conventions: phaser firefights, technobabble, morality tale, scantily clad women, and races against the clock (which get a little aggravating after awhile ["Warp core breach imminent!" "Would somebody tell Barclay to shut the hell up?"]. MP, on the other hand, feels a little weak. Although I haven't tried all the maps, I'm hoping that Ritual and the mod community would churn a few more out.

So, what's you guys' take, assuming you have it?

Im afraid the demo didn''t do much for me, how long is the single player campaign?

I picked up the game and so far it''s not doing much for me. I''m not a big Trek fan so that may be part of it. Walking around at the academy and onboard the Enterprise just dosen''t do much for me.

To be fair though I''m only a couple of levels into it, so maybe things will change.

I dunno, the demo had those stupid bug things, and from the reviews thats like 90% of what you fight throughout the game.

It picks up after you get past the first mission from the demo, which is like the fourth or so, although the third mission on the Dallas did have some nice atmosphere. Then things really get hairy when the Enterprise gets the attack.

Sorry but Enterprise has completely killed my interest in all things Trek related. Could not be less interested!

Well, I''ve got to admit Rat boy, you were right. After getting past those first few missions things have really turned around and I''m having quite a bit of fun. I swear, I was ready to shelf this one. If not for your telling me it got better I would have given up on it. Terrible to start to the game IMHO, but it looks like it might turn out to be a winner.

The question is, are you a Kleeya or Telsia kind of guy?

Okay, I just found the weirdest Easter Egg: if you wander around Deck 11 of the Enterprise, you''ll find stairs (yes, stairs) that lead to the ship''s basement (yes, basement) and see the ship''s washer and dryer combo (yes, washer and dryer combo).

All right, I found an even weirder Easter Egg. Behind a structurally unsound wall in the Attrexian Space Station''s Weapons Locker is a pipe. What''s unsual about it is that it turns out to be a Warp Zone that drops you in the middle of a Super Mario Bros.-esque side-scroller.