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This isn't the best source but Dick did say it:

Media Ignore Gephardt's Vow to Overthrow the Supreme Court

The leftist media establishment has shown a stunning lack of interest in Rep. Dick Gephardt's bizarre threat to vanquish the Supreme Court.

As we noted Monday in our article on the Supreme Court's rulings on racial quotas, Gephardt said Sunday, "When [sic] I'm president, we'll do executive orders to overcome any wrong thing the Supreme Court does tomorrow or any other day."

Imagine the nationwide media uproar if candidate George W. Bush had said such a thing. But Gephardt was pandering to Jesse Jackson, so any crazy promise seems to be OK in the eyes of the pro-Democrat media.

A few people outside the media mainstream did take notice. Andrew Sullivan wrote today: "Does Gephardt understand even the basics of constitutional law? Or does he think his audience is too craven to notice an obvious piece of nonsense."

Rush Limbaugh pointed out the wacko pledge in an item on his Web site headlined "Nine Democrat Losers Meet to Race-Bait."

But headlines in the daily papers have been hilariously bland and unrevealing. "Democratic presidential hopefuls tackle issues of interest to blacks," according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. "Democratic hopefuls get together at forum," quoth the Richmond Times-Dispatch. Headlines in the Baltimore Sun, Cleveland Plain Dealer, Detroit News and others merely claimed that Gephardt and company were backing so-called "affirmative action," i.e., discrimination against those of European or Asian descent.

Will these media think it is an "affirmative action" if by some miracle Dick is elected president and manages to "overcome" the judicial branch of government?

NewsMax has called Gephardt's handlers for comment. Stay tuned.

This is a big deal. He doesn't respect the seperation of powers. I'm sure he was just trying to pander and really doesn't believe this but it is an issue that he needs to clear up.

Gee Ulairi, when most Democratic polls put Gephardt right down there with Carol Mosley-Braun and Rev. Al Sharpton, do you think it deserves full coverage? And before you say ""He''s in Congress,"" realize that he''s on the outs with the new leadership.

Most polls do not have him down that low. He runs well with Kerry and Dean.

Big deal. His years in the Washinton hierarchy don''t bode well for him. Dean''ll be the nominee and barring a major revelation about the president, he''ll lose in Ought Four.