NWN Coop!

How far did you guys get after I had to leave?

Or does it matter?

Also when are we gonna go for it again?

Technically we are 50% with chapter 1. However i don''t know about everyone else, but i have not lv''d that much... actually only once. Which makes me believe that my character is at level 3! Ouch... i wish i could of used my other character who is lv17. but he is busy getting threw the desert in the Expansion for NWN... more fun! Still everyone else were fighting more than i did because i was too busy trying to get my team-speak to work... which by the end i was able to locate my mic... but no later it had to go...

Anyhow, it should not matter how far we are... you will be able to join. Plus what was a cool thing is that i had to reboot my system, and then join the game like it never happened... So, as far i understand is that we be probably going again later today. I say today because it''s 3am, well almost anyway... either way, pyro said that he will make a post... so we will know.

Nei, my theory is that you have a microphone somewhere, because otherwise we wouldn''t have been getting feedback when you connected. The output of your speakers had to be going through something for us to hear it echoed again, so I think you had some sort of mic already setup, or we wouldn''t have heard the feedback only when you were connected.

I think I was lvl4 by the end. I thought the xp was split across the whole party, not whoever got the kill. We''ll have to take a look and see if we need to balance things out at all. Even still, you were doing some solid damage with that bow, Nei.

Too bad you missed out on Gulnan, Fang. I think we all died at least five times in that battle. That just leaves the docks and the lake to finish Ch1.

BTW, I finally figured out why I couldn''t cast heal spells without memorizing them -- it''s an Icewind Dale 2 feature, not NWN! Never thought I''d see the day I play too many games...

Im goin to reroll a rogue. I think its going to help alot especially seeing how effective sneak attack is. You do know it works on ranged attacks too right?

Everyone might want to play through the prologue again to get the xp they missed and maybe stock up some cash to get better equiptment. All those zombies add up in beggars nest too, so that is a worthwhile area to farm.

I played my first multiplayer game a few hours before we signed on. Gulnan was a bitch with that flame from the heavens spell.

tonight? sunday at 8pm est again?

my rogue is coming along very nicely

Im game, anyone else?

Who wants to host teamspeak?

I''m in and I''ll bring teamspeak with me.

Ok game is up at

IP:ninjapanda.org (
pass: stan

TeamSpeak''s up, same as last time:
pswd: stan

If you have any trouble connecting, let me know. I''ve left my firewall up this time, but I''ll bring it down if it gets in the way.

I guess we dead...