NWN Coop!

Okay, Im checking out the Linux client of NWN for a review and I need someone to play some coop with me, as single player will bore the hell out of me and I want to see if multiplayer has gotten less buggy. I was enjoying the game at release then it deleted my savegame 12 times in a row. So now I want to give it another shot, coop or with a DM, whatever, lets just get together and play NWN. Any takers?

Coop might be the only way i can get thru it. Lemme see if i can find my cd''s

Dammit it STILL won''t run on my PC with WinXP as I''ve just tried re-installing it!

Damn Keg, that totally confuses me. I thought the reinstall would fix it. Did you patch it?

Damn Keg, that totally confuses me. I thought the reinstall would fix it. Did you patch it?

Yep Flux it''s patched and everything. I don''t know what the hell it is, sometimes you just can''t get a game to run no matter what, but this worked fine under 98 on the same PC.VERY annoying! I''m going to borrow a friends PC and swap parts in an effort to try and isolate whats causing it, maybe it just doesn''t like a certain set of drivers or something.

Keg, I''m running it on XP as well, (well, I actually gave up a while ago) and whenever I leave interior for exterior it hangs up on the load screen. Is this your issue as well?

Nope I just get a ""this program has caused an unknown error and needs to close"" message like explorers crashed. I wish I got as far as you did Ygdrasil!

Keg did you try to set compatibility on the software, to like Win98? Though I'm not sure what it does, but helped me to run Diablo, where it would seem that the game is being executed, I get a blank black screen and then I get a sound error and get kicked back to desktop, with the message; program caused something... must be closed... send info to Microsoft, etc...

However, I didn''t know that you can go through the single player game in co-op mode. I need to give this a try... though I already beat the game solo. Still co-op might help me to kick those Element guys. They are way too hard to beat... on the second thought are they even beatable? Plus how many people can play in co-op?

Yes Nei I''ve tried running it in emultion mode it still crashes!

pyro i found my cd''s lemme know when you want to set something up. I havent dloaded any patches yet so be sure to mention the version we''ll be running.

My roommate and I have been playing co-op for a bit now. We both picked up the Shadows of Undrentide expansion, and finished that in two evenings. A bit short, but pretty fun. The real joy of that expansion is the inclusion of new feats (and some that should have been there in the first place *cough* Great Cleave *cough*) and the prestige classes. We''re going through the original campaign with our SoU characters now. A Blackguard, and an Assassin. Evil campaigns can be so rewarding.

Version is 1.30

Which is better, tonight, tomorrow night or sunday night?

prolly tommorow or sunday

if you have time tonight post a thread and if im around ill join ya

Lets plan for tomorrow night then. What time? 8pm EST like our Raven Shield Thursdays? Or sooner?

8 pm est is fine

How many poeple can play?

...because i would like to give a coop a try. I have tha game installed and upto date with all the patches... ...eh, i just keep updating it even though I have finished it a long time ago.

I wouldn''t mind getting some NWN coop action. Just picked up SOU the other day and hating it already. (Only rogue or sorcerer hench -> play a tank.) However, it''s party time up here. Canada Day is Tuesday, so most people are on four-day weekend.

Okay, 8PM EST, Tomorrow night.

I figure about 3-4 people in this thread have said they want to play, and that should be fine. I could go for another couple of people though, Im not setting a hard limit. If we end up with 8, well thatll be cool too

two weeks I been working non-stop, having little sleep and no weekends. We currently merge from Netware5.1 to 6. If any IT people in here they will know how much fun it is to deal with Novell software. However everything seems to be getting back to normal now, and hopefully I''ll be done by midnight. So I say count me in for tomorrow at 8pm EST. However if anything will come up I will post it here in advance.

Looks like I will be able to save Neverwinter again from....

Question though any character limit?

not any character limits that I know of, but really I havent played that much NWN, so whoever knows thier stuff and has a decent connection should host. If not I will host

Also, anybody want to use TeamSpeak?

what are the rules for partying with higher level chars?

do you get gimped? or can you level speedier?

shouldnt we use newb chars?

Looks like I get to play.

TeamSpeak might make things a little easier, assuming whoever''s serving has the ping to pull it off.

It''d probably be easier if we just started as noobs. Anyone care about party balance?

I have a character that needs a sword, so i was thinking of using a character that i already have... If needed i can start with the new...

Also i have the expantion installed, i hope it''s not going to be a problem....

However i don''t have teamspeak... so i''ll be typing... i need practice, anyway....

ok, all noobs it is.

Anyone have a good connection besides me? because someone needs to host the game that knows what theyre doing.

I have teamspeak up at

ip: ninjapanda.org (
pass: stan

I can give serving a shot, but I''ll never claim to know what I''m doing.

Pyro, I though you are the official GWJ.com server master,...

ok cool, teamspeak server will stay up, but because of my nforce''s sh*tty drivers under linux I cant hear any sounds in the game while Im playing.

NWN Server up at

ip: ninjapanda.org (
pass: stan

TeamSpeak up at

pass: stan

whats the server ip and pass?

So a little reversal of fortune. Pyroman couldn''t connect because I had SOU, so we''ve reversed roles. I''m running TeamSpeak, he''s got NWN.

pswd: stan

NWN ip and password, see Pyroman''s post above.

Ok, good game tonight guys, except for me dying more than everyone else it went great.

Im impressed at how rock solid NWN is nowadays. The Linux client hasnt crashed or even acted funky the entire time Ive been using it. Flawless.

Maybe tomorrow we can pick up where we left off.

Wow! Safari finally works! Take that Bill Gates... ha-ha-ha! Muha-ha-ha... take that Microsoft! OK where was I...

Actually I was good to go all night, sense the server issues have been resolved earlier than expected on friday... so I pulled allot of z''s, and ready to go all night... but either way. We had fun! Now if I can figure out what is up with my TeamSpeak... I''m all set for the next time.