Who's Buying Galaxies?

I suppose we should set aside somewhere to figure out who's going to be online, when, and where. I've no doubt some of you are picking this one up, and I'm on the fence (an issue more of time and dollars than whether I _want_ to buy). I think having enough players to organize an occasionaly SWG night, or developing a small PA would be fun.

So, who's planning to pick this up?

I won''t. I''m holding off on this for a good long while because a.) the beta reports are making me weary and b.) it''s a MMORPG at launch, nuff said.

Im picking it up, haven''t bought a game in a couple months so decided why not.

I won''t be touching it for at least a month, possibly more. I''m willing to wait for them to get everything in order before diving in.

I won''t. Of course, I''m currently not too interested in MMORPGs anyway, but SWG doesn''t seem to offer anything that would be likely to change that.

Yeah, I''m in. I haven''t pre-ordered it, but I can feel my resistance crumbling with the ebb of the tide. Wouldn''t it be nice if there was some small local computer game store run by an old man in a baggy work shirt where you could walk in and say, ""Well Carl, you better give me a copy of that new Star Wars game."" And he would look at me over his half-glasses and say, ""So, trouble with the wife?""

Just remember:

Lenny = White
Carl = Black

I''m on the fence too. My offcial answer is no, but I''m a bit worried I might cave. The fact that it''s SW, and that I really, really want to try an MMOG I could find myself giving in. We''ll see I guess.

Nope, sounds pretty lame to me. Guess I''m stuck with EQ until WOW is released.

I''m undecided yet...

I wouldn''t play a free copy, no lie. It is that boring and pointless. Just my opinion, no flames by the fanbois please. Even though I don''t think we have any at this site, another reason I love GWJ !! I think I will be playing a lot of NWN this summer and after that wake me when Half Life 2 comes out :O)

I won''t be playing this, but not because of a dislike of the game or MMORPGs in general. for one, I can''t afford the monthly fee at the moment, and second, i have limited time right now (having to look for a second job).
I was able to play in the beta stages a little and the game was pretty fun, even though I did not have a whole lot of time to invest. Hopefully one of these days i''ll have more money/time and can sit donw a truly enjoy this game.
For those of you on the fence, I rtecommend trying it for at least a month or two - especially if you''re a Star Wars fan.

nope. Staying with PS full time until I get a chance to look at Horizons.

Call me whatever you want, but I just can''t fathom shelling out 12-14 bucks a month ON TOP of the $50 purchase price. That kind of double-dipping just turns me away from the whole genre. I can justify Xbox Live because of the low fee and the volume of (current and upcoming) titles available for play, all included in the one fee. I play RTS games religiously because of the free online play.

Make MMOG''s one or the other - a (possibly higher) up-front purchase price and free play online or give the game away and let the subscription pay for it. The first business model works great for RTS games; don''t try to convince me that MMOG servers are *that* much more expensive to host/run. The second business model actually seems like a great idea, more people would pick it up and give it a try. There''s a reason that everyone''s favorite ISP has 40 million subscribers, my friends.

And I will be staying far, far away from this game. Any ''game'' that consists of a level treadmill built upon combat that makes EQ look action packed seems like work to me. They should be paying me for the hours of my life wasted on that craptacular game. Or they could at least refund the $15 or so I spent for the beta.

Remember: No open beta == something to hide.

No chance in hell I''m buying this game until theres some Star and Wars in it..

i.e. when they release the Space Expansion and they flesh out the Empire vs Rebellion part.

But I bet WoW hits before then...and so by then I''ll be sucked into that or Horizons..

This is an interesting issue for me, as I''ve never payed a subscription fee to play a computer game. My logic going into the game is that, at the moment I buy a new game every two months or so. If, by paying $13 or so to play SWG (and enjoying it), I now buy a new game every three months or more, then it is worth it. This is Gamers With Jobs, so I hope I''m not offending anyone by asking if it''s more the principle of the price (SWG is coming out of the gate charging as much as more established MMORPGs, like they own the fricking place or something) than the actual dollars and cents.

I think it''s the issue of paying $15 a month for a questionable experience at this point. Like the issue some had with Planetside, if you''re going to charge the monthly fee, you''ve got to be doubly sure you''re providing a unique experience. I have a feeling a lot more people here would be excited about Galaxies (and not focusing on the monthly fee) if vehicles and space flight were involved.

Gameguru has the right idea.

I have an account if we ever get a group going.

I''m sorry, Ulairi. Are you saying that, while you agree with Gameguru''s position of wait-and-see-and-most-likely-give-it-a-miss, you are nonetheless playing?

I think Ulairi is hinting that he''s not quite in the same position as the rest of us when it comes to MMORPG accounts.

I don''t really want to play the game until I can own a ship.

I added that if we get a group going I can play because I do have an account.

"Elysium" wrote:

I think Ulairi is hinting that he''s not quite in the same position as the rest of us when it comes to MMORPG accounts.

Right. And, see, this is something that, as a Mail Boy, I''d like to point out about Gamers With Jobs. It''s probably obvious to most of you, but sometimes these things need to be stated afresh: We have Jobs.
Which is not to say that we''re better or smarter (but we are), but that it is easy to brush up against someone with powers beyond your ken. I have no ken about Ulairi''s powers. At this point in my mind, he''s somewhere between Matthew Broderick in ""WarGames"" and the chick in ""The Ghost in the Shell.""

You know. That description really works for me. Though, I''ve got to add a dash of Screech from Saved By The Bell.

And Erkel?

Urkel could totally kick Screech''s ass! He was also brave enough to profess his undying love for Laura. Screech, meanwhile, had so many chances to score with Lisa Turtle while they were left alone it''s sickening -- not once! Notice how he preferred to be around Mr. Belding more?

I wonder how the Space Expansion will actually pan out....will it have a full simulation based engine ala Freelancer? or will it be some sort of bizzare engine tacked onto the current EQish combat/simulation engine..

That would be weird..you ""move"" around in space see an enemy ship and press keys and wait for your laser guns to fire...urgh..

Gameguru, they had some footage of the space element recently, before E3 I think. It was an X-Wing in combat with Tie Fighters near a Star Destroyer, If memory serves. It didn''t look like that at all. It looked like a pretty standard space sim.

I will not buy it too... i played beta the last weeks and it could not draw me away from AO even though i play AO for over a year now and im getting tired.

Theres just too much not finished in SWG and everything needs still a lot of balancing and work.
If this is done and after they included vehicles (running sucks) i will give SWG a second look... i think in 6 months or so.
This is not much of a problem because i live in germany and euro-servers are probably not available before december, so i have to wait anyway

by the way: Hi to all I''m new here
I stumbled over your forum and since i''m a gamer with a job i thought i just could hover around a bit

Welcome Grim! Hover around all you like. I''m not sure how we''ve attracted so many Germans (I think we already have 2 or 3 regular German forum members) but we''re glad to have you. Looks like you''re echoing the general sentiment here, and while I agree that Galaxies has a way to go, I don''t think it''s quite the disappointment some feel it is.

"Elysium" wrote:

Gameguru, they had some footage of the space element recently, before E3 I think. It was an X-Wing in combat with Tie Fighters near a Star Destroyer, If memory serves. It didn''t look like that at all. It looked like a pretty standard space sim.

oh...thats a good thing then... lets hope they manage to pull it off.