The most sickening thing I've heard this week...


I mean, what's next? Derek Jeter presented by Visa? President George W. Bush presented by Exxon-Mobile? The Holy Gospel presented by Pepsi?

This really does violate all the laws of good taste and common sense. Will Bank One now be able to call themselves NFL Champions in the event of a Super Bowl win? This is more of a rhetorical question but if they''re the ''Bears football presented by Bank One'' wouldn''t Bank One technically be the reason the Bears won? I mean, Bank One presents their football after all.

Assinine... just assinine. Really what we need is are the like the Dolphins to be represented by Marlins. Get a little cross sport endorsement action going on.

I''ve been thinking, and I''ve come up with a rather interesting list of possibilities if this trend continues:

Walt Disney''s Anaheim Angels
The New York Yankees presented by Kentucky Fried Chicken
The New York Mets presented by MetLife
The Cleveland Indians presented by the Such-&-Such Indian Gaming Casino
The San Francisco 49ers presented by 10-10-220
The New Jersey Devils presented by the Christian Coalition
The Seattle Supersonics presented by Boeing
The Cleveland Cavaliers presented by LeBron James
The Montreal Expos presented by the United Nations High Comissioner for Refugees
The Jacksonville Jaguars presented by Porche
The Los Angeles Clippers presented by Amnesty International
The Pittsburgh Stealers presented by Enron
The New England Patriots presented by Lockheed Martin Vought Systems

And finally...

Tom Clancy''s Minnesota Vikings