NASA to return shuttle fleet to space in December

From Yahoo/New York Times

It sounds great, but then you start getting that queasy feeling that they might be rushing it. One more accident could kill America's manned exploration of space for decades to come.

It''s time to retire the shuttle. We need a new, more efficient, and practical reusable vehicle.

I love seeing us heading back into space, and I don''t imagine it''s anything but a dangerous endeavor, but our technology has advanced significantly since 1981. We need a new design.

Those fossils need to be relegated to a museum; make way for the advanced designs spawned (not spurned, that would be stupid) by the X-Prize contest! If NASA continues to fail at its current rate, commercial manned space flight will soon take off (pun intended). I personally can''t wait to fly past the stratosphere in the Pepsi Space Plane and dock with the Nextel International Space Station.

The X-Prize is a fantastic idea, well funded, and making the most significant progress in getting commercial space travel going. Plus, John Carmack is involved, so you know it''s extra cool.

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So, ummm. The space shuttle. We should totally get something better....

Yeah, problem is though that NASA has been facing a lot of financial cuts the last couple of years, fielding a new kind of spacecraft would mean massive investments and that''s just something I don''t see happening very soon.

Someone needs to come out with some numbers that prove''s there''s oil in space. Watch the funding for NASA after that.

I''m proud to say I own shares of SpaceDev, a company who believes there are mineable resources in space. As soon as they prove it, get funding to mine/transport/wholesale, build ships to do it, market themselves, deal with trading laws, own patents, and make some money......I''ll be worth millions!!! And I won''t forget all you small people.

"Rat Boy" wrote:

It sounds great, but then you start getting that queasy feeling that they might be rushing it. One more accident could kill America''s manned exploration of space for decades to come.

I don''t think another accident would stop the US'' manned space program -- but it would certainly result in NASA receiving an enema.

China''s launching a man into orbit this fall. They''ve set their sights on a moon landing in the near future. That alone will prompt a renewed interest by Americans in their space program...if only for national pride.

And that''s really what the whole ''69 moon landing was about.