Geeky D&D CRPG question

Just curious what is everyone's single favorite spell in a D&D CRPG? For me it has to be Haste. I love that spell. It's alwasy the first spell I try to find/learn in any D&D game.

I was just goofing around with Icewind Dale 2 last night, which is what got me thnking about this.........I'm not really a nerd, you know.....honest

Fireball/Energy Ball or something like it. It has to hurt the enemy :).

Chain Lightning there is just something really cool about seeing lighting travel from monster to monster.

In the SSI Gold Box games, Hold Person/Hold Monster was one I leaned on a lot. Even if it only worked 1/3 of the time, Presto! dead Drow Mage!

You know, I just can''t help but love Magic Missle. It''s just a classic.

I''m with Elysium, it''s all about the magic missle. I especially like that it grows more missles as you level up so it always stays useful.

Summon Nymph

Actually in DND 3rd Ed I once made a gnome who specialized in enchanting mechanical objects, so I made several spells about ""Pyroil''s Endless Spinning Gears"" and stuff to make little trinkets like a torch on wheels that was enchanted to walk in front of you in dungeons. I enjoyed those spells the most out of anything DND because they were original.

Summon Monster 1-IX

or Animate/Create Undead if your a cleric..

Nothing like instant army of cannon fodder!

Go forth minions! Die for the Empire!!!

"Certis" wrote:

I''m with Elysium. It''s all about the magic missle...I especially like that it grows it always stays useful.

Sorry, just figured it was your turn, Certis.

In IWD2 Id say Animate dead tops my list but I havent gotten past level 11 to try the higher versions and I really want to get to the druid elemental shapeshifting and summon elemental.

In classic SSI gold box it was stinking cloud. It had the same effect as sleep with a save and was a 2x2 area. Props also go to Lightning, dleayed blast fireball and cone of cold. In Dark Queen of Krynn there were underwater fights where the Lightning became like a fireball spell. That rocked! Oh blade barrier was good too!

I had the damndest time keeping my front-line fighters from stumbling through my Stinking Clouds. Just clumsy with the numpad, I guess. Not just ""Coughing"" but ""Choking and Coughing and suddenly stabbed in the head and dying!""

Chromatic Orb, as implemented in BG2. I enjoy the randomness!

In NWN I like Stone Recall (not technically a spell) but useful as hell.

I am playing a ranger currently, anyone else play one?

In classic SSI gold box it was stinking cloud.

Totally agree.

In the BG/Icewind series it was entangle/web....followed by fireball or some such. Boom!

I''ve always been fond of Power Word, Kill. Just finish your chant, point at your opponent, and say ""Die"". It gets them every time.

Also, I cannot believe someone besides me actually mentioned the Dark Queen of Krynn. I was beginning to think everyone else who played it had died, or something. I still think Death Knights of Krynn was my favorite, though. Soth is one hardcore guy.

I skipped Pool of Radiance and started with Curse of the Azure Bonds. That is my favorite though Champions of Krynn is really good too. The second Savage Frontier game was pretty good too. As a whole, the Krynn series is better but CotAB is still my fav.

The last battle in Pool of Darkness, the last in the Pool of Radiance series, was really hard. It had an army plus like 8 undead dragons that''d cast nasty spells if you dont wipe them out fast.

Heh, I still have the entire Goldbox Dragonlance collection. Those were some great games as were the Forgotten Realms Goldbox games. Damn, SSI was the sh*t back in the day. Between the Goldbox series and the Generals series, they owned my playtime.

Thing with gold box games is they based turn speed on how long it took old CPUs to crank out the data. I tried loading my old dragonlance trilogy on my 500MHz pentium and the fights were impossible to follow even at slowest speed.

that said, I guess we all play alike. In the gold box lower levels, nothing like setting your front line with stinking cloud (and watching silly AI mobs walk into it again and again til they get paralyzed). Lightning bolt when they let it reflect off walls.

BG had to be animate dead, although I found it a little gruesome to let my NG cleric do this. Anything mons summonging wize good on IWD and even BG2 and its mob limit.

When is magic missle bad? Even when it would fail half the time on dark elves, still pretty cool when it did work.

Hell, they''ve got Missle Storm in Shadows of Undrentide, now. An NPC caster blew my Blackguard apart with it, from full health. That''s about 133hp. Oof!