Sci Fi Channel pushes for new government UFO probe

From CNN

Smells more like a ratings stunt than a charitable thing for all humanity. Sci Fi has been on a steady decline for the last several years and outside of another Taken or Dune miniseries, it doesn't look like they'll improve their numbers much. And yes, I'm discounting Battlestar Galactica 2003 all together, given how much of a lightning rod it is for its perspective and biggest audience. I don't think Sci Fi is concerned about a credability issue.

Second, there's the question of how much a chance this has to succeed. Even inquiries by previous Commanders in Chief didn't get the Air Force to talk. For whatever reason, the Pentagon will issue either a blanket denial, a blanket no comment, or they'll go to the trouble to create a "Case Closed" explanation for it like they did with Roswell in 1997. It's interesting to note the comment about the Discovery Channel not wanting anything to do with UFOs anymore, which might speak to the validity of "Out of the Blue." Or it may signify a change in the public's attitudes towards the UFO phenomenon and the government's role in it.

Either way, we'll find out what will come of this when the ratings for the documentary come out.

Whatever they do, they still have Stargate. I will keep watching until that goes off the air. You''re right, they hit a big quality peak around when Farscape started becoming successful, then started cutting all thier good shows. *sigh* The good ol days.