Planetside and the Vanu

Boy I gotta tell ya the Vanu have no excuses. I have no idea why they dont completely dominate TR and NC.

The Lasher weapon is a phenominal weapon that chews up infantry at short range but longer than the other factions Heavy Assault weapons. It also boasts a faster rate of fire than the Jackhammer and damages vehicles and MAXs quite well. The only MAX that may be able to stand up to me with a Lasher, one on one, may be the TR Dual Cycler MAX.

In addition to the Lasher the Lancer is a great weapon and the Pulsar isnt too bad either.

Combine this with the Mag Rider, which is arguably the best tank, and it just doesnt add up. The Mag Rifer had some collision issues in beta that helped balance its power and agility. I piloted one recently and they fixed the collision problems an are less unnerving to drive. Its now the most agile tank. It has a weapon for the driver which the other factions heavy tanks dont. The 2 weapons have no firing arc and the drivers weapon has an incredible rate of fire.

So whats the downside? Their MAXs are too specialized? Big deal since the Lasher and Lancer have AI AV and AA covered very well.

I have been encountering tougher VS on Emerald equiped with Lashers and Lancers but they are still not as tough as the NC.

Everytime I see a VS with a Decimator, a good weapon in its own right, I think I'll laugh cuz the Lasher is far more effective and far more versatile and has greater longevity.

Bah Best close range weapon by far is that damn NC Jackhammer damn I hate those. Mind you on Werner where I find myself playing the most we (the Vanu) own that server. we''ve won the last 4 days straight and most of the time since I joined.

I have to agree that the Magrider is awesome yesterday me and a squadmate drove about 30 TR troops including 6 MAXs down on a bridge its awesome for those crush,kill and destroy moments

Our MAX''s suck except for being able to jump walls and rocket to the tops of towers in one go!

But I hate the Sight of Scattercannon Maxs and Jackhammer troops as I''m convinced they do more area of effect damage than Vanu weapons.

I love Planetside! could you tell?

Like I dont?....

The MAXs dont suck they just dont fill the role they are supposed to.

MAXs are supposed to be able to force the issue close range against infantry and push the line back whether they die or not. THey are supposed to instill fear on the site of them.

Vanu MAXs dont fill that role. They dont inspire fear and they dont push the line back. They do what they do well. The AA is awesome at AA. The AI can pluck off 4-5 infantry before they get within 15ft of the MAX. The AV sucks but all the AV MAXs suck. The TR pounder is so powerful that noone wants to use it for all the grief points you get. The NC AV MAX maybe the one MAX that is good for them I dont remember. I think its the AA one but I''m not positive. They have 2 that fire rockets and one that has a shotgun. One of the rocket ones is the one everyone uses and the other rocket and the shotgun one suck.

MAX rundown per Fang:
AA is ok i guess, fires dual flak cannons
AI rocks, fires 2 cycler automatic rifles
AV is so overpowering its hard to keep from hitting your own troops and earning massive grief points

AA rocks at AA and cant hit infantry worth a dam and is hard to hit vehicles
AI is decent, good at medium range for AI and can contribute to vehicle damage
AV suck totaly because it fires plasma shots that does damages over time, damage over time + FPS action does not mix
Shotgun one sucks you have to use zoom to get accuracy at anything other than point blank range
One rockets good and one rocket (guided?) sucks

NC Maxs are ok.
The Scattercanon (AI) is deadly up close...otherwise its pretty usless. Our AA is ok, in somuch as you can launch rockets, THEN lock on, for almost no warning to the air. Most use the AV which is pretty good all around.

The trick in playing the AI max, is pulling your shields up, going into run mode and sprinting right into the enemy......

I''m a fly boy, and I hate everything TR...your AA Max is very deadly IF you get caught near by and the Strikers need some serious nerfness.

Cmon Yomm you know you dont want that. You dont want to make the game bland.

All 3 races have at least 2 weapons and a vehicle that are dreaded in the hands of a skilled player.

People went to the well too often with Reavers holding towers hostage with flurries of rockets. It was only a matter of time till people figured out the counter.

Everyones getting better now. My TR AI MAX isnt nearly as effective as before. Im lucky if I get over 2 kills before I die. The decimator, the 6 shot rocket launcher, the lasher and the lancer can shred me pretty good. How embarassing is it, in an AI MAX, to lose to an infantry one on one in 3 seconds because he has a decimator?

You just have to know that even if you die without a kill, you''ve pushed the line forward and caused a major distraction. (MAXs tend to get a lot of attention)

BTW, I''m up to 10 death threats/vows of vengeance =)

I love it! I got my first one playing as a Vanu yesterday. I killed a NC MAX one on one with medium armor and a lasher. He only got me down to 2/3 health ;P

Vanu vanu!

Geez we the Vanu have owned the Werner server for the last 4 days in a row got a serious ass whipping tonight from the TR nevermind being outnumbered anyway (yay BR points boost) but the worst was when I walked into the CC for one of our bases tat was being hacked by what I thought was a lone hacker only to come face to face with 3 stabilized TR cyclerMAXs and a minor invasion force ....suffice it to say I lasted all of a microsecond.

Did laugh however when I was gunning in a harasser and we rolled into another base. I had darklight on and we rolled up almost alongside a cloaked TR infil guy, how I laughed when I let him get close enough to try and jack our ride only to swivel the gun and mow him down! ah good times!

Vanu Rule!

"fangblackbone" wrote:

Cmon Yomm you know you dont want that. You dont want to make the game bland.

All 3 races have at least 2 weapons and a vehicle that are dreaded in the hands of a skilled player.

But the TR have AA max which is deadly in range, and the Striker which is air/armor for any infantry with the cert. The NC''s answer to that is the Phenoix which is one shot guided....make the Stiker a one shot/reload and ok....but as it is right now, anyone with the certs can, with one weapon, take out air and armor.

Thats not counting the skyguard that everyone has.....

I''m only whining about it in this forum....and as I''m in the air most of the time, its an issue for me. Well, that and trees....but I won''t go into the need to nerf those right now.

BTW, in Emerald....a few nights ago, Vanu was down to 2 bases in the world! There were more bases netural then Vanu owned....heh.

What so the fact that it takes 5 shots isnt enough for you? The stryker isnt that easy of a weapon.

Look if you are sitting still in a Reaver and allow me to fire 3 shots at a rate of at least 1 sec per round then take a 3 second reload and fire 2 more shots you should die. That is almost equal to 10 seconds you are sitting still in an FPS!

The Vanu Lancer is the same weapon as the stryker except its not guided and is straight as a f*cking arrow at incredible range with a faster projectile speed. And, get this, it can also decimate infantry. Try doing that with a stryker ha!

As I said before, look man people are getting better. My invincible AI MAX has to take it on the chin if he runs into any infantry with a decimator. Two shots and Im down for the count in 3 seconds.

Plus dont forget how insulated you are from being run over. Like that aint a real bitch ;P

At release I could kill 2.5 NC infantry in my AI MAX before dying. I could kill around 4 Vanu at that time. Now I can only kill around 1.7 NC and 2-3 Vanu respectively before dying. These are averages mind you but for everytime I die without killing anyone there''s twice that Ive killed 3-4 before dying and a few times I''ve sat upon a tower dewinging Reaver''s that kept coming one at a time with enough time in between for me to run down and heal and come back. I must have gotten at least 5 NC Reavers, a Lightning and some infantry remnants that were running up the stairs or trying to hack the tower.

You''ve got the jackhammer and that shotgun pistol is prolly the most powerful stealth weapon. Hmmm time to pick a server to test out the NC in VR training. What other server was your outfit on?

Sturm''s main is Emerald, but our back up is Konried.

Like I said before, its not that the Striker is all powerful, just duck behind a tree and the lock will be lost, its that EVERYONE has one.

When you''re flying and your lock-on goes off non-stop...thats a bad thing....3 guys hiding under trees...and you''re a goner if you don''t turbo out of there.

Of course, when we''re attacking a base, I make damn sure I have 3 Vanguards driving around.

Good I made JadeRedfang on Konreid NC to dabble with as per our PM.

The population isnt too good and lag is bad for me on the west coast (worse than Emerald)

I really need reinforced armor cert so if you and Kegboy and some of your squad buddies wanna tool around and get me some BR, I would be up for it =)

I really like the gauss and I wanna get an inf suit. I know everyone has darklight now but if youre experienced you''ll do fine.

I''ll have to make up an new character on the Konreid Server to play withyou guys, Imainly play on Werner, I have another Character on Emerald but haven''t used him in ages, we should all meet up and get a get a team going together! I''d like to give the other teams a go as I''ve exclusivly played with Vanu so far.

I made a Vanu on Werner to see if i could catch up with you keg.

its a bit difficult to play with the lag especially by myself but i bet we could have some fun.

Right now my ultimate configuration would be: NC gauss, TR stryker, VS lasher, NC shotgun pistol, VS magrider, TR AI MAX, VS AA MAX, NC AV MAX

I''ll be on werner tonight from around 8.00PM EST Fang, predictably enough my characters called Kegboy. If you want to play a new char on a different server thats closer to you guys fell free I haven''t had too many lag issues with the Emerald server. Send me a /tell and let me know your on and were you are! the only problem is that you can''t have different empire chars on the same server.

When you guys want to join NC on Emerald.....I just might have an outfit for you.

Ive invested too much on TR on Emerald.

BR14 JadeRedfang

I think Im FangBlackbone on VS Werner and JadeRedfang on NC Konreid

I just picked up Planetside yesterday. This game really rocks! I''m TheBishop82 on NC Konreid as of now. Still a lot I don''t really know or get about it, but I''m starting to get the hang of it. Most of my few kills so far have involved me running over someone with the Basilisk and then quickly getting off it before it explodes on me. Fun for everyone! Anyway, maybe I''ll see some of you on there sometime... I think I''m going to be spending a lot of time with it in the near future.