The Price

I wanted to ask to everyone here:
What you think is the "last affordable price" for democracy/freedom/liberty?

I`m aware that its impossible to draw the line in greater theoretical context, however, I hope some of you have thought about it and set the "price-list" in your minds.

It is more a conceptual question and deeply personal ones.

Have you thought about it?

Thermonuclear warfare.

When establishing that democratic ideology runs counter to democratic ideals. When human rights are trampled. When the sovreignty of a culture to determine its own destiny is compromised and strongarmed by democratic hegemony.

If we read Locke, unless a country grants its citizens civil rights, they have no sovreignty.

It''s on sale for $9.99 at WalMart, right next to Constitutional Republicanism in a Can.

It''s a good thing I don''t a lot of faith in Locke''s increasingly antiquated position, then. I know you appreciate his perspective Ulairi, but it doesn''t hold water for me.

*Edited by author for insane rantish nature of post.

I agree with Elysium.

I agree with Rat Boy. Oh sh*t did I just say that?

Actually I haven''t thought about it, because I tend to be a little more situational about it. For instance, making someone free by telling them to do so seems contradictory to me, so conquering a nation to make them free would be one line I wouldn''t cross. However, if a nation wants to be free, but is oppressed, then I think helping them any way we can would be great. I just don''t have a set point where I say ""I wont do that"", I will look at the facts I have available and make a decision at that point.