Koesj: is there a cheap game store in Amsterdam?

The custom holds my copy of RTCW ransom and since I am in Amsterdam friday that would be the ideal time to get a copy there

Damn, I am no better guide to Amsterdam''s game stores than your average google query. This is what a little searching came up with:


Hartenstraat 14

Kinkerstraat 142C


Mr. Bruinsma in Holland.
Rondeel 134, 1082 MH Amsterdam,
NL, +31 20 644 5794 (voice & fax). (Only?) mail order. Good

I don''t know if you guys have noticed, but you can use Private Messages with this forum software. Just click the little pm button next to the profile button at the bottom of a person''s post to send private messages. I use it often, and it works great.

I''m sorry I squandered your precious bandwidth Elysium but you''re right I''ll try to keep the chitchat to a minimum.

No worries. I was merely pointing out a cool feature.

That''ll be $.03 for the bandwith, by the way.

thanks Koesj. Marking those up on my map right now.

Elysium: I tend to forget about my PM folder on a messageboard, the link being so small and all, but I''ll try using that next time :).

I''d like to point out that chris indeed does know how to use the PM function. (Although I''m not really interested in goat porn.)

... I kid I kid.