Thursday Night Raven Shield

It's Thursday! Tonight Elysium and I will be online kicking some ass in Raven Shield around 8 PM CST. Hopefully Pyro is all settled in for hosting, if he isn't we can always hop on a different server.

Team Speak is up at the following address!

As usual, the password is stan.

Here is the game info!

pass: stan

I won''t be home from work until 10:30 PM CST so hopefully you will all still be around! I''ve missed it a couple weeks in a row now and I''m jonesing for some hot terrorist killing action!

Yeah, I''ve missed the past few as well, but I plan to be there tonight.

I will be here tonight as well, I am all set to host, unless by some freak accident a hurricane strikes.

woohoo This''ll give me a break from all the Planetside I''ve been playing!

PS Are we using the latest patch?

That''s a good question.

Oh, my friend The_Bishop may be on tonight. Or not. He could totally wuss out! HE BETTER NOT! YOU HEAR BISHOP! YOU HAD BETTER GET RAVEN SHIELD AND YOU BETTER PLAY THE DAMN GAME TONIGHT!

Yes 1.3 patch
*edit* and teamspeak if you have a microphone

Okay, theres a new version of teamspeak out, get it here (direct link)

Then join Certis'' teamspeak server

Then join RavenShield at

pass: stan

Team Speak is up at the following address!

As usual, the password is stan.

Do you need the new version of Teamspeak?

I don''t think so.

Another great night with Pyro, Keg, Elysium and myself with Stric9 joining us for the first time and Reaper showing up for the last few rounds.

As usual, it was a great time!

But for some of us named The_Bishop, it will not be a great time! Because you will be dead. DUM-DUM-DUM!

Yeah, I managed to fair quite nicely. I was an excellent bullet stopper and general meeter of death.

I think we were all doing pretty good impressions of non-bulletproof vests last night!

It wasn''t us we were as awesome as usual it was that damn patch that upped the AI... honest!

I would like to give my thanks to our gracious host Pyro. The games were fun and the running commentary on the state of MMORPG''s was very informative, thanks for a great time everyone.

running commentary on the state of MMORPG''s was very informative

We were in full-on gamer nerd mode last night. It was a little embarassing.

Ha! embarassing? I go to bars and pick up chicks with conversation like that!

Of course, tonight I plan on sitting at home by myself. hmm...