One Third of Americans believe WMD were found in Iraq

I generally don't trust polls anyway. I'm hoping this is a biased report. What do you guys think?

"87.5% of statistics are completely made up on the spot".

Any relation to the poll that said 80% of Americans thought that Saddam was behind 9-11?

It''s like I keep saying, Jay Leno doesn''t have to go far out of his way to find idiots and retards for his Jaywalking segment. With people apparently knowing so little about important issues, the government doesn''t have to oppress people in this country: they''re too stupid to use their freedom to do any good.

...I rather not say anything and kind of agree with Rat Boy!

Id have to agree with Rat Boy on this, most Americans believe the complete opposite of what''s true, simply because it makes thier moral dilemma easier. Nobody even had to lie to them either, it was simply said that they would be found and everyone just assumed they were. 9/11 linked to Saddam was barely even hinted at, and everyone jumped on it like rabid wolves. Because it makes the decision to bomb the hell out of them easier, and it means we can stop worrying about the evil terrorists because we have taken care of that already, conveniently by bombing someone we didn''t like anyway.

I think Saddam is a WMD.

Wanker of Mass Distraction?