Anyone playing Bloodmoon?

Did any of you guys or gals pick up the Morrowind expansion, Bloodmoon? I'm just curious what level I should think about being before I head to the new territory. I'm currently a level 10 Scout.

I'm actually having a better time this go around with Morrowind than last time. And I loved it the last time. Maybe it's just that I went for a fighter class this time rather than a thief, so I feel more at ease.

What a great game though. Definately a modern classic!

I''ve been playing Morrowind and trying to ramp up a character for Bloodmoon too. I''m in the middle of the main plot line and I''m a level 9 fighter/mage kind of character. As for Bloodmoon, from what I understand there are some low level areas but for the most part it''s for level 20+ characters. I''m going to finish up the main quest and some of the Tribunal stuff and then I''ll be heading over to Bloodmoon!

Well it''s back out into the wilds for awhile I guess. Boy that sucks....

"Certis" wrote:

I''ve been playing Morrowind and trying to ramp up a character for Bloodmoon too.

Just in case anyone else forgot, Certis, I''m holding you to that oath you swore about finishing the game.

So since this post went up, anyone venture into Bloodmoon land can tell me whether it''s cool or not? Most reviews I read say that turning into a werewolf is the cool part, and coming back to mainland as a werewolf can be very cool.

(some minor morrowind spoilers if you don''t want that stop reading)
I just started playing again, and it''s amazing how much better I''m doing knowing that ""alchemy uber alles"" or ""easier playing through chemicals"" is the way to go no matter what style (thief/mage/warrior) character you play. Also the importance of finding smuggler lairs, which have 4-5 great soul gems, and knowing which monsters to put in them to create constant effect items is key. I am really tempted to download a new shopkeeper though, cause spending 10 minutes selling and re-selling stuff to Creeper to get my last septim out of my loot has kind of lost its appeal.

Roo, check out Certis'' review here. Now, I don''t trust his opinion, but you might!