Halo 2 Footage

What do you think of the Halo 2 footage posted on Bungie's official site? They had me at jacking the Ghost, man that was awesome!

I was pretty impressed. If they keep up that level of intensity and quality throughout, Halo 2 is going to be a really really good game.

Yup. Cool looking game.

Arh...! Damn you BorderManager... office firewall is picking a fight with me. I can''t see the video, uuh, i guess i''ll see it at home.
My work day will be over in 10 min, anyway....

Mine crashed at a certain point, right when the brutes drop off the dropship, though Bittorrent was telling me there was an error downloading a part, so that mustve been the part. Redownloading now.

Though let me tell you, what I did see made me want this game. I want this game so bad. I want to take it, spank its ass and ride it like a donkey all night long, in a plutonic way, of course.

If you can, read Halo: Fall of Reach, it seems like this is following the Covenant vs Earth war more closely than the first, which is what the book sets up.