Rise of Nations Patch 2 is OUT!

Log on to Gamespy to get the second Rise of Nations patch. No changelist has been released yet, but it is supposedly the patch that fixes the multiplayer code. It also reset the ladder and fixed the ranking system.

Woohoo Certis can hopefully play now without getting ""accidentally"" disconnected

Just a little side note:

The autopatcher seems hosed yet again, I had to uninstall the game and reinstall it before the autopatcher would work correctly. Apparantly Big Huge is releasing the direct download tomorrow so if you have problems you should probably wait until then.

It looks like there was a problem with the auto-patch patching some people''s .exe files. We''ve identified the issue and are correcting the patch to resolve the issue. Last night we thought that the stand-alone patch would resolve these issues but want to be 100% sure and are making the fix for the standalone as well. This means that the standalone AND a fixed version of the auto-patch are still in the works. We''re hoping to have them done by tomorrow. Note that we''re not taking extra time just to take the time - it just takes that much time to test the 32+ version patch combination matrix (don''t forget about international versions!) and then get the files online. We really are trying to get this done as fast as we can.

It also means that we''ve been so busy with identifying and resolving the patch issue that I''ve not had a chance to get you that changelist I promised (by about *now* I believe). I hope folks will understand that getting folks working is our top priority. I''ll try to have that changelist for you shortly.

It''s also worth mentioning that this patch makes several changes to our patching system. These changes should help us avoid any further similar issues. You''ll also note that an ""update game"" button has been added to the menu so you''ll no longer have to wonder ""how do I get the new patch?""

Our most sincere apologies for any confusion or trouble you might have experienced. You should have a fix shortly *OR* you can just reinstall RON and then use the auto-patch (which reliably works on a clean install) if you don''t want to wait.