Has anyone played these games? How are they?

All I know is that I tried to watch about 10 minutes of the series on Cartoon Network and promptly turned the channel. The games could be great though, I have no idea.

Pyro, it wasn''t that bad... though the question is which .hack series you where watching, because there is like 3 of them. Hack//SIGN wasn''t that bad actually, nice twist at the end. About the game, I got the demo disk for that game; I try to see if it's any good this weekend if I get a chance. Though I just got Blue Gender all 8 volumes, so finding time to play might be hard. However my neighbor said it was ok... though I really should play something on my PS2, it turned grey because of all the dust... eeh!

Ah, see I had no idea which series it was. Maybe Ill hop on Bittorrent and find the good series and download a few episodes of it.

The Anima series is just weird but it''s on so late you must have a powerful mind to resist it and reach for the remote. Oddly enough it reminds me a great deal of playing EQ, not really in a good way, yet there it is.


I played the first .hack game, and beat it in a leisurely 17 hours (and that was taking my time to do so). While I admit I liked the game, I do have to say that the combat became quite repetitive and that the story didn''t truly take off until about 8 or 10 hours into the game. Also, the game has a lot more of an impact if you''ve completely finished the first anime tv series before playing it, since you''ll know a bit more about the world and events (for instance, if you see the last episode of the tv series, you''ll know exactly who the boss chasing the little ghost girl is...).

Basically, though, it''s a game for anyone who''s played and likes MMORPGs. A lot of the conventions, environment and NPCs act as though you were playing online with a rotating group of about 20 people. Admittedly, these NPCs repeat a lot of the throwaway ''in-game'' dialogue, but you probably won''t notice the repetition since you''ll probably just mutter the word ""Diku"" as much as one of the other characters asks you for the treasure you just pulled out of a chest.