Dennis Miller hired by Fox News.

Dennis Miller will be on the debate show: Hannity and Colmes every week. I think Dennis Miller is funny and wished he had his own show. Hopefully, he'll take the place of the zealot, Hannity.

Anyone read that ""Young Dennis Miller interviews old Dennis Miller"" article? I read it a few weeks ago and I can''t find it now. It was very amusing.


Oh wait, you mean they aren''t making him a journalist? Funny, he''s probably infinitly more credible then Geraldo.

"Rat Boy" wrote:


Oh wait, you mean they aren''t making him a journalist? Funny, he''s probably infinitly more credible then Geraldo.

Or Peter Arnett.

At least Arnett never claimed to be on ""hallowed ground"" while being 10 miles away from it. And he didn''t draw the Iraqis a map of where the US troops were. What he said was little different than what some pundits (who still kept their jobs[I''m looking at you, CNN, FOX, and even MSNBC]) were saying about ""Shock and Awe.""

Hell, I still contend that ""Shock and Awe"" wasn''t what broke the Saddam Regime; it was the sight of M1A1''s barreling down the Saddam Highway into downtown Baghdad unimpeded.

Arnett went on Iraqi TV and helped them with propaganda. Arnett also got fired from CNN for making things up. I wasn''t sticking up for Geraldo. I was just naming another moron that is paid by the news networks.

I always liked Denis Miller''s show on HBO, especially when he did the news. He was good at poking fun at all political parties. I even liked him on..I''m going to say it...Monday Night Football.

I can''t speak for the hallowed ground incident but I can say that in my opinion Geraldo never compromised the operational security of that unit. His diagram was useless to everyone but the American viewing public (whose average geopolitical IQ is aproximately -37) and he spoke in very general terms.

Please keep in mind that I hate Geraldo and pray for his untimely end.

It also brings to mind that comment by Jon Stewart:

""Keep in mind that the only three other people asked to leave Iraq by the US military are Saddam Hussein and his two sons.""

Here''s that interview with Dennis Miller:

It''s 4 a.m., and comedian Dennis Miller can''t sleep. After a few fitful hours of tossing and turning, he sits upright in bed and switches on the lamp on the night table. There, standing in the room is ? Dennis Miller. But it''s a younger, hipper Dennis, the Saturday Night Live Dennis, with the Steven Tyler hair and the twinkle in the eye. He is holding a large manila folder, stuffed with papers.

As Miller confronts his younger self, we hear the following exchange.

DENNIS MILLER (2003): What the ? what''s going on? Who are you?

DENNIS MILLER (1988): Scrooge! When the clock strikes one, you will be visited by three spirits! (high-pitched cackle). Just pulling your chain, chicky babe! It''s me, your younger self.

DENNIS MILLER (2003): Christ, you scared the sh*t out of me. I jumped like Don Knotts at the Chinese Lunar Festival.

DENNIS MILLER (1988): Nice, good to see I''m still down with the glib obscure reference shtick. (Looks around the room). Love the shag carpeting, by the way. This reminds me of Huggy Bear''s crib in Starsky and Hutch -- it''s nice to see I haven''t lost my innate sense of style. The room seems to be devoid of any Oscar statuettes, however.

DENNIS MILLER (2003): Lighten up Tourqemada, I''m working on it. (Rubs eyes). Assuming you''re real and not one of those transvestite tribute performers, what''s it like back in ''88?

DENNIS MILLER (1988): Well, Gorillas In the Mist just came out -- I''m trying to decide whether to go see that tomorrow night, or hit myself several times in the head with a circus mallet. Other than that, just the usual -- Billy Ocean, the Bangles, trickle-down economics. It''s a yearlong party...

Eh. I read that a while ago.

Dennis Miller has always been more of a Libertarian than a leftist.

Really? I figured he was a ""Kill them all and let God sort them out"" kind of guy. On the other side of the spectrum is Bill Maher, who is sort of a centrist on these things.

You can be a Libertarian hawk.