EVE Online... Anyone here play it?

Just curious if anyone here is playing EVE online: The Second Genesis? If so how are you liking it?

Did play the beta, but I found it rather boring. Maybe the changed the pace meanwhile, but as far as I have played it there wasn''t a lot to do and mining asteroids is a very tedious task, transport missions aren''t exciting either. It took way too much time to achieve something. I''ve heard though if you go for the corporation part soon instead of trying to get a nice ship and skills on your own it gets better. Maybe that''s true, but I personally wouldn''t want to pay monthly for a game like this.

same here, I would gladly buy a copy if this was an offline game or if there wasn''t a monthly fee. The problem is that I have too few time on my hands to spend for gaming, so I certainly won''t spend it on an online game where I can watch my ship mining asteroids :). Without a doubt this is one of the most beautiful space sims I have seen, but I just don''t have the time to get further into it.

That bad eh!...

yes, I mined two asteroids and did a ho-hum trade mission and was done.

yeah...played the beta for about a month..and never was able to have ""fun"" no matter how hard I tried

Well I just put my first day into it and so far I am having quite a bit of fun. I have made a giant pile of money, gotten a new ship, several upgrades and am well on my way to establishing my new uber corporation. Soon I will own the server, MWAHAHAHAHAA!!

As long as you have fun... play it!