GameSpy's Top 25 Dumbest Moments in Gaming

From GameSpy

Who wants to take bets as to what ends up coming in first (or worst) place?

Sorry Mario, but the Princess is in another castle.

Or the entirety of MGS2.

The ""John Romero is about to make you his bitch"" ad is my guess.

Yeah, at first I thought ""Gaming Moments"" referred to in-game actions.

Probably number one on my list: your character deciding to jab the crystal shard containing Diablo into his/her forehead.

I''m with Elysium. The Bitch ad must be at least top 5. BC3k will probably be mentioned too, and maybe Richard ""toto"" Garriot.

I''m guessing DNF will place rather high, along with Tresspasser and something to do with Daikatana.

I agree Daikatana... will surely make it into the list. I try to play the demo just to see how bad it would be... i shot something once, then exited, removed the demo from my PC, and throw away the disk on which the demo was. That preaty much sums up how bad it was. Even now i feel dirty of even thinking of puting that game on my PC.

DNF lands at #18. But the real comedy gem in today''s set is #20 NoA vs. MCA. I wish I''d been the Nintendo lawyer who made that little discovery.

This is actually one of the better and more informative toplists I have seen yet on any gaming site. Interesting to see what major f*ckups are and have been going on in the industry and although a lot of them are well-known the more obscure ones really surprised me. Indeed, the NoA vs. MCA deal struck me as quite amazing, amazingly idiotic claims by MCA that is

Sluggo had a pretty good point about DNF in today''s environment:

But with the upcoming releases of Half-Life 2 and Doom 3, I think that climb has just become much, much steeper for 3DRealms. Even if it pulls a rabbit out of its hat and produces a solid game, it''ll also have to have made some major technical advances to keep up with the ids and Valves of the world.

two words..

And I should add...I find it funny that Ion Storm will probably take 3 or 4 of the top 25 positions all by their lonesome.

Ion Storm took #9 for their Texas crib, which helped to kill LGS.

Also, we have the Tetris controversey. It''s amazing that the Russians embraced capitalism after this debacle by Tengen. My father got addicted to the GameBoy version in ''89 and swore it was part of a vast Soviet conspiracy to take over America. If only he knew the truth...Happy birthday, Dad!

And today we have the Top Five. And the top spot goes to probably the biggest and most ill-fated impulse decisions in the history of video gaming. many did Ion notch? 3?

They missed a few...

BC3K and the whole Smart debacle.

A couple MMOG launches could have made the list..

Lord British deciding to sell out to EA thus beginning the slow death spiral of Origin (remember when they were the ""id"" of the business?) his eventual booting and now his super vaporware Tabula Rasula nonsense.

Yeah I can''t believe Derek Smart wasn''t on there, but the ones they included were great, so maybe they shouldve made the list bigger.

I woulda put the Derek Smart thing about PowerPlay, personally. PowerPlay was dumb, but at least Gabe didn''t troll message boards about how Carmack sucks for not taking his word for it.