GWJ Sunday Something?

I'm in the mood for some Sunday gaming action. I'm thinking we should try something "new" like Jedi Knight II, WarIII, Ghost Recon, or MW4: Mercs.

I tried to patch JK2 and because I had reinstalled windows since I installed JK2 it wanted me to install from the CD again. Does anyone know how to fix it?

...or how about UT2003 or Generals or something else that I haven''t loaned out to my friends?

UT2003 sounds good. I''d go with Generals but I don''t have it. Maybe I could pick it up if there was enough support.

Ordinarily I''d say War3 but my copy and JK2 (and a lot of my other stuff) is out on loan to various friends (hey guys it''s like, been 6 months now I''d like them back again....) so I''m restricted but if you guys want to go with anything else feel free...I won''t hold it against you (where''s my gun?...)

Ok I just took it like a man and reinstalled from CD, now Im ready to go with JK2. Hey Kegboy, do you have JK2 installed? If so, you might want to try a nocd crack.

*edit* nevermind, none of the nocd cracks work on jk2 for mp, just like when it was released. Grr! Nothing annoys me worse than CD checks for a multiplayer game.

I could probably play some JK2 later on. Someone post what server you guys show up on.

Alas no, I''m not adverse to using no-cd cracks but unfortunately I don''t have the game installed anymore.

Ah well have fun whatever you guys play

I could go for War3 as well.


Ok, lets play war3, Ill put teamspeak up at

pass: stan

Ok, were in GWJ chat channel on

I''m in for War3! I''m patching it now!

Me and Pyro will be waiting in channel GWJ!

Wolfenstein:ET thats all I''ve been playing since it was released...I''m amazed that it was free... I just hope some quality maps start to show up

Oh yeah, me and Pyro totally whupped up on some punk ass computer opponents on You guys totally could have been there and been cool. But I guess not. So have fun not being cool!

It was an awesome night of War3 you guys shouldve been there. Me and Reaper teamed up and beat! The whole thing! Then our screens started flashing saying ""YOU WON THE INTERNET!"" and Bill Roper showed up at my house in a black helicopter and said ""Warcraft III was just a training program for the US Military, come with me to build US Military bases on the MOON!"" And we went to the moon and there were hot chicks there, with ninjas and lasers. BOOM, KAPOW! Those are the sounds of action, which is what it sounds like on the moon when you build an Orc base and take on the evil Commie Night Elves.

Actually we sorta got our ass whooped by random internet guys, and then took our frustrations out on the computer. All in all, not bad.

Next time.....I''ve put a recall out on all my borrowed stuff so I don''t miss out on ass kicking opportunities like last night.

*Reaper nervously looks at the Man In Black who suspiciously resembles Geoff Frazier.

Uh... all that crap that Pyro wrote about us is totally false. We never went to the moon and the remenants of the Protoss Fleet certainly don''t hide on the dark side of the moon at all...



*The suspicious Man in Black steps away from Reaper''s smouldering corpse, muttering something about swamp gas, Bigfoot, and D2 v1.10.

Wow, so you guys are thinking about setting something up with either one of the only two PC games I bought last year, I consider myself a visionaire