E3 WoW shaky cam Footage


It's some ok shaky cam footage (couple minutes worth). Sadly all I could think of was so how many of those do you have to bash before you level? Now before a Rabid fan boy attacks me, let me just say I have high hopes for WoW, but so far besides very cool arr direction (jaw dropping in fact) I have not been finding my self saying, well... Wow, a lot when I see the in game stuff. I want to see quests, interlocking story blocks, group instances for dungeons, GvG with a point and the ability to have measurable victories that effect the world (I'm not a big PvP person but if it's going to be there it has to matter). So far we have not been shown any of that so my reaction is MOTS, but my hope is that it's not MOTS at all, not even a little :).

Have to agree. All I''ve ever seen out of WoW has been MOTS. Sure, it''s pretty, but I don''t see why people are so worked up about this game.

I guess Blizzard has a good reputation, but I was fairly disappointed by Warcraft 3. Aside from the absolutely top notch production values, the gameplay was RTS MOTS.

When you watch a video showing off combat it is going to look like every other MMOG. That is why playing the game is important.

Oh I totally agree with that Ulairi, but from a video like this you get other things, a glance at combat pacing camera perspectives... clipping or lack there of. And if it turns out that combat is all you are doing these things become important to know :), hopefully that is not he case of course. Now is this AC2 like where support classes are limited in use because of pacing or where they bunny bashing with high level characterrs... who knows. My comment was more in general about what we haven''t seen and don''t know yet.