Horizons Beta

If you guys want in beta sign up at www.betatests.net and post the username and e-mail you used to sign up. I can do the rest.

I''m going to go ahead and lock this thread before the requests get out of hand. Not that they are, but just as a precaution.

I think it''s ok if folks want to ask, Ulairi doesn''t have to do it for everyone. Besides, regulars may have missed their chance to notice this before leaving work yesterday.

Ulairi, if you want the thread locked let us know. I''m going to step on Elysium''s toes now.


I''m dying to sneak into the beta and convince people to play it on release. I plan on bringing a few guilds to the game when it goes live. We currently play on Dark Age of Camelot.

[email protected]

Thought for the first time I''m really torn. When I sign up to do a Beta, I mean to put the time in to help. My time has become so limited due to PS/RoN and work....yet I really want to see if Horizons can lull me out of my anti-massive RP rage......damnit all!

I''ll sign up, and if accepted and can''t dedicate the time...let you know to pull me out? Or is that too much to ask?

(edit: well, F me. Looks like I had already signed up some time ago (back when I prayed Horizons was going to be the shiznit, and now I can''t remember my pw. Heh...lemme go find out what the hell I did.)

Step on my toes, eh? Tsk tsk tsk.