New poll finds many feel US is military threat

"Ulairi" wrote:
"Rat Boy" wrote:

Because they installed it themselves, not having it crammed down their throats by an occupation force.

Germany, Japapn (They are apart of the Western world in a ""sense"").

I''d say you better take some extra time for European history classes ;).

"Ulairi" wrote:

Canada is doing fine. Mexico''s problem isn''t Liberal Democracy. There is no reason why Mexico should not be a rich nation. They have plenty of national resources, vacation spots, and the right tools to get a rich nation.

Why are conscripted men not allowed to get above a certain rank unless under extreme circumstances? Because a man who doesn''t choose to be soldier cannot perform like a man who has chosen to do so. Its the same with US vs. Iraq. Iraq will never be the US, no matter how many guns you shove in thier face or how much food you withhold. If they don''t choose to be a democracy, then as soon as we aren''t holding a gun to thier head they won''t be. A philosophy taken under force will be resented and overturned when that force is removed, regardless of how much merit the idea has. Even if our values are better than thiers, what we are doing now only ensuring that they will not be adopted in the Middle East. All a conscripted man wants to do, at heart, is to get home. They may need to defeat the enemy to get home, but they still just want to get home, to be a civilian again.

Now the negotiations now, yeah thats something. But the Iraqi''s shiny new government is doing nothing for the cause of Liberal Democracy in Iraq at best, hurting it at worst.

Thats why so many countries consider us a threat, because we are threatening thier soverignty. It has nothing to do with the merit of our values, and it never will. Unless they choose our values, of thier own free will, and remain in charge of thier implementation, our values will never be adopted.

Sorta funny that you mention Stockholm syndrome, since that''s exactly what you''re proposing we do to other countries in order to instill our values.