End Boss Month - Probably Spoilers for old Games

Since June is officially End Boss Month over at the SA Forums, I figured we could celebrate by having everyone state thier favorite final boss ever.

Mine is The Transcendent One from Planescape: Torment. The whole sequence in the Fortress of Regrets is brilliant gaming that I still haven't seen topped by any game since.

Ug Zahn (sp?) from Serious Sam. Just a majorly impressive boss sequence, god he was huge.

Runner up goes to the Dark Demon from the old SNES classic, Demon''s Crest. Hardest. End boss. Ever.

Oh and SHODAN. Must not forget her.

Well Baal was subpar in character to his brother, and my favorite, Diablo.

Which one? Well I think its safe to say both since I was completely freaked out the first time I fought Diablo in the first game. I had goose bumps. After a hundred kills, we learned we could kick him or shield him to death.

The whole screen shake unlocking the seals bit in D2 was fantastic as well. An the AI that would have him balance between walking and casting to charging on all 4s and taking a huge swipe at you.

The Butcher (not an end boss) was phenominal as well. Im sure he sent quite a few of us running for our lives.

The Tarasque or whatever it was called at the end of Dark Sun: Wake of the Ravager was pretty cool. It covered most of the screen it was so huge.

The guy at the end of Fallout 2 in the big suit of armor was a bitch but cool nonetheless.

Oh, how can I neglect the arcade and 1943. The Yamato was one tough, bad ass battle ship. My fingers still ache from pressing the fire button so hard and I have relapse of joystick elbow from dodging the machine gun fire, artillery, and kamakaze aircraft that shoot too.

Death = Adder in Golden Axe ruled too!

Wierd I dont finish many games but the ones I do, I finish over and over and over again.

Favorite bosses (not necessarily end bosses) in no particular order save chronologically:

Bowser, over and over again Super Mario Brothers

Gannon, The Legend of Zelda

Mike Tyson, Mike Tyson''s Punch-Out

Hitler, Wolfenstein 3d

Demon Lord, DOOM

Dr. Ies Breddell, Star Trek 25th Anniversary & Star Trek: Judgement Rites

Brassican Riddle Dude, Star Trek: Judgement Rites

Purple Tentacle, Day of the Tentacle

Freaky Devil Head in Wall, DOOM II

Boba Fett, Dark Forces

Dark Jedi with no legs, Jedi Knight: Dark Forces 2

Diablo, Diablo & Diablo II

The Overmind, StarCraft

SHODAN, System Shock and System Shock 2

Locutus of Borg, Star Trek Armada

Anna Navare and Gunther Hermann, Deus Ex

Russian carrier battlegroup, Sub Command

Evil Cousin in Daishi Mech, MechWarrior 4: Vengeance

Angry Cuban Bitch, Grand Theft Auto 3

Legate Metan, Star Trek Bridge Commander

Tavion, Jedi Knight: Jedi Outcast

V-22 Osprey, Soldier of Fortune II

Tall Indestructable Demon, WarCraft III

Lance Vance, Grand Theft Auto Vice City

Tom Sizemore as angry Italian, Grand Theft Auto Vice City

The Other Hitman, Hitman 2: Silent Assassin

Errant hand grendades, Any Multiplayer Game

Evil Cousin in Daishi Mech, MechWarrior 4: Vengeance

Speaking of which... does this count in sort of a final battle way?

Solaris Grand Championship in MW4:Mercs

What better end battle than trying to be the last man standing in an arena full of 15 other ""End Boss"" mechs? All the while a play by play announcer is recalling your prowess amidst idle chatter...

Cyberdemon, scariest boss ever!
Jon Irenicus(sp?) BG2
And I''ve got to agree on the Serious Sam boss. That was one big badass boss.

Yeah I forgot about the Serious Sam boss and SHODAN. And the Cyberdemon, Jesus.

The Lava boss on Quake was pretty impressive.

Just random bosses:

Green (both mech and the individual) - Gunstar Heroes

Golden Silver - Gunstar Heroes

RoboSonic - Sonic the Hedgehog

Shiva - Streets of Rage 2

Boba Fett - Dark Forces

Archimonde - Warcraft III

Duriel - Diablo II

Gorc and Pic - Jedi Knight

The Giant Brain Thing - Half-Life

Queen Dedrianna - Jagged Alliance 2

Mike - Jagged Alliance 2 Just because he carries one of the two G-11''s

The Queen Bug - Jagged Alliance 2

Yourself as the Evil God/AI Deus Ex
(I really contest your bosses bit about Navarre and Gunther, Rat Boy. You could just kill them with a word. Then again, you can beat my boss by not becoming him. )

Hey, that''s the interesting part about those two. You can waste two hours trying to blow them away, or you could take a few steps and kill them without firing a shot. I tend to pick interesting bosses that can''t be beat in conventional means, like SHODAN. Or bosses you don''t kill, like the Brassican Riddle Guy who asks really vague and obscure questions to test to see if you''re ""good enough"" to make contact with.

The boss at the end of the first Resident Evil game.

By the time I got there my nerves were so shot I didn''t know if my heart could make it to the end of the game without exploding.