Yowza! Check this SS2 mod out...

I as well. I''ve never finished SS2 due to it scaring me too much, but I''d love to see this.

Er...maybe you shouldn''t download this. The unrealistic looking ones would probably scare you less.

That is so bad ass. Thanks for the link, Ratboy!

Looks good except for the Midwife model which is a huge downgrade. Went from scary looking to silly.

So does SS2 run on XP?

Might be worth getting a copy to check it out.

It runs on XP like a champ. For me anyway.

Yeah, that looks like its way scarier. I dont know if I should play it.

Well I reinstalled SS2 to give it a try, and really it doesn''t change a whole lot. The enemies DO look better, but for some reason I''m really not noticing it... possibly because all the animations are unchanged so they still look quite similar.

A cool mod though, I look forward to the furthur editions that add the rest of the models.