Blizzard is off their rockers!

Blizzard has gone mad with power!

New Horadric Cube Recipes in Diablo II 1.10 | 6/2/2003 5:58:06 PM GMTDT

We'll be adding many new Horadric Cube recipes to Diablo II with the upcoming 1.10 patch. Some of the new recipes allow you to upgrade your Unique weapons. For instance, 1 Ral Rune + 1 Sol Rune + 1 Perfect Emerald + 1 Normal Unique Weapon results in an Exceptional version of that weapon with the same Unique Item bonuses. Using this recipe, an Axe will be transformed into a Cleaver! This is useful for upgrading the damage of your Unique Weapons. You can use another recipe to upgrade to the Elite version: 1 Lum Rune + 1 Pul Rune + 1 Perfect Emerald + Exceptional Unique Weapon results in the Elite version of that weapon with the same Unique Item bonuses. Using these new formulae, players can create new special versions of Unique items that were not previously possible. Players can then further customize these weapons by adding a socket to them and their own favorite gem, jewel, or rune.

These screenshots are from the latest release candidate for the 1.10 patch of Diablo II that is currently being run through our QA testing procedure. Although we do not have a release date set for this patch, we are working hard to get it out as soon as possible.

These are just two of the new recipes, you don't know what other ones might exist *wink*

Just think of Hellplague or Silks of the Victor now. OR EVEN MY BELOVED GINTHER'S RIFT! w00t!

There''s a unique flail or mace with good bonuses but crappy base wep damage. Upgrade that and OMG it will be a great weapon!

Bring that on!

that''ll be handy for the Gull daggers as they have absolutely crap damage but I like them for the +100% chance to find magic items!
In SP I''ve had to ditch a few good uniques due to their crap damage compared to Rune weapons.

1.10 (if it delivers on all promises) is gonna end up like a whole new game.

Might as well call it diablo 2.5

I guess so. I would have prefered a new class or 2 but with all the skill revamps that counts as many more classes.

I hope they include that recipe for rares and magic weapons too. Ooh or socketed weps!

The patch should be here this week.... damn you blizz! Hurry! Please?

I do have one fear. That despite all the cool stuff they are doing, they are going to make hell and nightmare difficulty so f*cked up in harshness. How much fun would you have if every mob in Hell was innately LEB? If 1 in 4 mobs in NM difficulty had holy frost or casts decrepify? Im sure you guys can think of things that draw on your worst fears.

For me the worst thing an enemy can be is Lightning Enchanted. That always kills me the fastest.

Uh that''s what LEB is Sinatar, Lightning Enchanted Boss. But I''m glad you agree

You want to experience a fun bug? Wait until you find a Multi-Shot Lightning enchanted boss on Hell difficulty (the higher level of the boss generates more bolts) use the Amazon''s Slow Missles and then simply hit him. You will have a veritable mine field of invisible, ultra strong, stacked bolts very slowly floating around the screen. The Slow Missle makes the bolts invisible for some reason against a really high monster level. I''ve never tried this but I''ve know a few people who have.

My personal worst super unique I ever encountered was Extra Strong, Stone Skin, Extra Fast Immune to Physical (innate monster quality), Magic Resistant, and Aura Enchanted (Holy Freeze) and I do believe that it was a either a Blood Lord or a Blood Clan. I really can''t remember.
Sufficed to say, it was quite a battle. Where were my Necromancers then?

<digs for CD''s probably lost from 2 moves in 2 years>