Just got the Galaxies beta disc in my hand, who plays?

As the topic says, I just got the Galaxies beta disc in my hand and will be playing tonight for the first time. Anyone else here in beta?

Welcome to the club Flux.... I''m Nei on Bria server and Neino Akari on Ahazi server!

Cool. I have been having issues with my wireless connection and hope to have it worked out by tonight. I am getting pretty low speeds (around 50k/sec) on most downloads. You think that should be enough?

I''m on Naboo in Theed curently,... after a night of Hunting on Imperials. So now i''m trying to get a ticket to go back to Monia... a Rebel Town, but with Bria server unstable as it is... it''s a bit hard. The only reason that i''m mostly on Bria is because my character is way too advance for me to start over on Ahazi... so Flux if your going to be on Bria drop me a note... im not that often seen on Ahazi. Only when Bria is offline...

Will do as soon as I get in and figure out the basics

Someone just handed me the Beta Discs as well.. so I''m in!

Once I''m in and situated with a char and whatnot, I''ll let you know who I am in game, so that we can hook up or whatever!

Ok, the first thing you guys need to do is send me your CDkeys and user name information along with the passwords. After that, everything will be alllllll right.

Suuuuure, I will get right on that Certis. Please post all your personal information here and I will send you what you need asap

Been in the beta for a couple weeks... couldnt play the first week too busy, had last week off and have played quite a bit (when the servers arent ""Offline"" or ""Loading"").

Im getting into it more... seems kinda the same old thing but the no ""leveling"" is rather interesting. Still have NO CLUE how to gain xp for Engineering or crafting... Their use of waypoints is GREAT... wish we coulda had that in EQ.

One thing that bothers me (and im just describing a basic gameplay issue that is posted publicly on their forums... no NDA breach), is that you could be an expert at Rifle, an expert at Pistol and when you go to increase your Carbine skills you go after ""blues"" or ""light blues"" that just kick your arse because you suck so bad at it (and all 3 of them are under the same discipline).

Oh well.. hope to see you guys in there

Scitor - lvl ?? (very low, I sux) Bria
Paar - lvl ?? (getting better) Ahazi

I shake my fist in angry jealousy at you all!

I have an extra beta account.

Wow, Ulairi. I''ve always been really nice to you and I think, umm. Damn, uh you and I agree so often that ... um, no. Dammit. Um, Ulairi, I like your name...


I didn''t even get to play last night which really sucked, I pray to the heavens that tonight I can make my wookie !!

I''m a Sniper on Bria... earlier posted as Nei. Yes,... Bria is been going down the hill for some time now. I think as soon as beta 3 came out. Now the server keep crashing becuase of some DBase issue... like the last pacth just killed me. I''m a Scout/Marksmen/Rifleman(after you get a RifleSpecialist)/Medic... and what they did is, they whiped all the resorces... so i can''t make no more Meds...
Either way... for thouse who are playing might know what i''m talking about. Yesterday I was finally able to log in to get my character out of Theed... thouse damn Imperials smell a blood of a Rebel. Anyway i Baged a Fambaa... who is code red. I did it alone and it was at full health... so i say my character is making some progress... Ok, I''ll stop braging...

So, if any one wants to team up and go hunting just drop me a note or use /t tell command to send me a pm. I can travel far considering i have 60k in the bank.

Well, I just started the patching process Nei and should hopefully be in tonight after work !!! Patching had 3:52 hours left....

Hearing your comments on Bria make me want to start on another server but I will give it a shot anyway.

I would advise going on Ahazi... Bria is ALWAYS down.. have a char on it I havent played becuase I cant log into it, so Ive been experimenting with my alt on Ahazi.


Hmm, I will see how both servers are tonight and then make my decision I suppose.

Flux, I would suggest having a char on both servers. This is a beta after all, and ""most"" of the time when one server is having problems, the other one is up. This also gives you a chance at exploring completely different skill trees and locations.
From a beta perspective, before I submit a bug I see if I can reproduce it with both characters (to see if its a global user type error or specific to a certain class/disc).


Excellent idea. I will start my wookie on Ahazi and then go from there.

Yes... Ahazi is more or less stable and usually don''t crash as often, however as far as I seen, most of the people who are on Ahazi are Artisans, because they sucked dry Bria from all resorces like metal and etc... On Bria the only places that have any resorces left is planets like Endor! and no body wants to go to the Endor because it''s true hell. I advise to new players, not to start on Endor, because you will have some hard time... I''ve seen 20 people group being masecured by a group of creatures, and i kid you not. Endor is just a big grave yard. I still have my corpse some where between the two outpost on that planet. Oh well...

Oh, this could be good or this could be bad. On one had a challenge and the other frustration

Ok, been playing for 2 hours. I am officially confused. This is a bunch to take in. Also, my Radeon 9000 seems to be struggling.
Is there a site for beta members only Nei? I don''t have enough time every night to try and learn every aspect to the game and just want the basics of fighting and missions.

You mean an officeal web site for Galaxies Beta, you can just click on news when you login into the SWG Client station. There is a forums, news updates, and etc... I''m usually online from 8pm to 12am EST, got to go to work everyday also... If you on Bria, then it might not be your Video Card, because for the last few days it''s lagy as hell. I mean lagy that you have to wait for about 30 sec for a action command to be executed. Also there is Sony guy named Robert, he might help you if you have any hardware problems... he seems to be their trobleshooting person. So scheck the chat room as well.

Cool, thanks. I was looking for more basic operating controls or ""tips"". I did the opening stuff of course and read lots on the holocron but still feel lost. I was hoping it was going to be as easy or easier than EQ, but I was wrong.

I just think it''s too much too fast... I was lost in the beging too, and then sony did some thing really nice... they wiped the server. So all the users characters were deleted... which was in a way was good because i knew what i want my character from the begining, Plus i was able to grab my Name ""Nei"" before everyone would be able... and i actually meet few people who wanted the same name as i did. hehehe

Well, I will try my best to learn the basics as quickly as possible. Whenever I fumble around for a long time I start to get frustrated, then bored. Planetside was such a simple game the beta went great for me. I think maybe I need to work with Galaxies for a week before a develop an opinion.

I like it... even though the game is not complete yet, because they are still adding few things in, visuals/sound/etc... and trying to work out the issues with the servers and several ither bugs. Still, I''m having fun... Plus you do need to give some time to this game, because when i started playing it... I didn''t have a goal in this game, so i was just wondering around, doing nothing... So I just though how long would it take my character to walk from one end of the map to enother.... and the game kind of picked up.

Just got through playing all morning and had a pretty good time Still a long way to go though. I made a little money and now I need some armor.

Arh!... Bria was down yesterday, while nothing to do I just created a new character on the 3rd server that they have put up. Nei Akari is the name... though i don''t recall the name of the server. Either way i didn''t play because i was waiting for Bria to come back up... so while doing that i just turn on my Xbox and played some Halo. ...and i had a blast.

I will be gone camping all weekend or otherwise I would probably make some real progress. Here''s to next week !!!