Saturday Afternoon RoN!

Hey guys Certis and I are thinking of playing a little RoN this afternoon.

We will be starting around 3:15 pm CST (2:15 EST/1:15 PST)

We will post the info in this forum once it is available!

I hope to see you guys in game.

Noooooo! I don''t get out of work til 7.00PM EST!

And I''ve been practicising!

Damn office firewall!

You sure your office firewall will block this? Have you tried to play RoN online in the office?

Yeah it won''t let me connect via gamespy but i haven''t tried direct I.P. connection

Ok, we''re going to play now! Since Teamspeak is a bit wonky today we''re using Gamevoice. the ip is GV up

The game ip is

No joy! Oh well, tomorrow night for sure!

Sorry, Keg. Several of us aren''t going to be around later.

Just so we''re clear, since Elysium''s post may seem confusing, I plan to play tomorrow and anyone who wishes to join is welcome!