Rise of Nations?

Where and when? I thought we we're going to be playing around 8PM CST.

me too, I''m waiting for Certis to show up, Elysiums already said he couldn''t make it.

Sorry guys, I''m not at home yet and running a little late. I''m hoping to be in at 8:30PM CST (half an hour). Feel free to go ahead without me, otherwise I''ll see you soon!

Well, Keg, if we do. You should host. My poor little wireless simply isn''t up to the job.

I could host Teamspeak.

I can wait!

Ok, when I''m late, I''m late! Team Speak is up at IF you guys can''t make it I understand of course, I''ll keep it up and monitor it for a good while!

I''m there!

Even if I had RoN, I''m too damn exhausted from moving to play it coherently. I''m so out of it, I''m liable to nuke myself if I last that long.

Well. That was quick. We won though.

Oh yeah, crash city! Team speak is back up Reaper.

Oh well! Dammit and we were doing so well, hurry up and patch the game dammit!

Yes, this game needs a patch that let''s me play for more than an hour before crashing. Bastards.

The developers have been talking about what they plan to fix in various forums. They are fixing the multiplayer code so that it is more stable. They are improving the Gamespy interface including adding an automatch option like War 3 and AOM have (YAY!!).