What's going to happen to HoMM?

With 3DO going bye-bye, it looks like they're going to either sell their parts or entire company.

You have to believe that someone wants the rights to Heroes of Might and Magic, right? RIGHT?

I mean, they aren't going to let the series die or anything.

That''s one of the few that actually made money for 3DO, I''m sure someone will snatch it up.

After the fiasco that was HOMM IV, I hadn''t planned on buying a 3DO game ever again. Here''s hoping who ever snatches it up delivers a better product.

New World Computing had an interview linked too at RPGDot.

They pretty much cut everbody and have a small team based in Solvang of all places. JVC is going to be involved in the actual design of HOMM5 instead of managing the business.

This news was like 2 days before 3do filed for chapter 11. I would hope that JVC can aquire or retain the Might and Magic license. If not though, I''m sure he can make a clone with name changes.

Look at Damon Bradley and Wizardry er, um, I mean Wizards and Warriors.