Any chance in hell that HL2 will make Sept. release?

Just curious. To me the game to get this year is HL2. Doom 3 looks boring, maybe worth one play through but the potential for HL2 is limitless. Of course all the modders will be getting their hands on the SDK soon so that has me even more excited. What say ye?

I''m sure it will align the planets and make us ""be excellent to each other"", but I''m more willing to bet that the Olsen Twins show up on a Girls Gone Wild tape than HL2 making its sept. release.

P.S.: I did the icon on purpose because I felt it fit my mood, not an actual .roll.

Damn, that icon rocks. I can''t read html code so do tell how !!

What? NOOO!!!.

It has to come out in September. I won''t be able to wait any longer.

The engine looks very finished and polished from what I have seen, so here is hoping that the storyline and levels etc have been planned and all that needs to be done is put it all together.

Have to agree that HL2 made me go: Doom III? Oh Yeah, I heard some guys are working on that.

You know, the five-year anniversary for the original Half-Life''s release is this November.

I''m just sayin''...

Good point Elysium. Don''t get my hopes up like that though

I think Elysium just nailed it....

Reinstalled HL and Opposing Force last week for kicks. HL doesn''t really ''do it'' for me at this point, but OpFor is still fun. Was that ''blue shift'' expansion pack worth playing? I never tried that...

"Flux" wrote:

Damn, that icon rocks. I can''t read html code so do tell how !! :)

you mean the rainbow fro? That''s Certis'' replacement for the : roll : icon that people were using and was annoying him. Quite clever. But, it is in itself a great icon and as such I intend on using it for its own value.

Oh, got it !! lol

I think the chances of HL2 making a September release are almost certain. Because HL2 will be so excellent as to rename whatever month it is released in to September. It will probably make us be excellent to each other.

I hope so... though i also looking foward to DeusEx2 which as far as i remember be out same time as HL2! Dang!? what should i play first?

They better make September. Certis has heard me get all monotone and vaguely threatening before, well, I''m really monotone and almost overtly threatening now!

[monotone]Release Half-Life 2 in September. Or else.[/monotone]

And also, this will be one of the few times I actually thank but, ''Thank you!''


Look there is no way its not gonna be out.

And it will be the only game worth playing, if only for the posts that start in October about ''that stupid jumping zen level'' as everyone picks the game apart.

Personally I liked the jumping zen level and the whole game and consider it to be the best game I have ever played.