Dead Horse

This wasn't front page worthy. Hell, Duke 4 isn't even news anymore as far as I'm concerned. But, for a quick laugh it's still mildly entertaining. According to this article there is no way that Duke 4 will be released in 2003. Take Two even goes on to say that they are taking a wait and see attitude with 2004.

Who looks more insane now: Derek Smart or George Broussard?

I was actually wondering if Take 2 and 3DRealms pulled this one just to announce the game going gold when nobody really would expect it some time this year. Of course, it also could be that the game really is nowhere near being finished.

This wasn''t front page worthy

But... but I posted and... and... you''re a bastard.

Somebody give the man more cowbell for chrissake!

I just can''t believe we won''t get to play that game, ever. The trailer last May looked pretty good, why oh why won''t it ever be done?