Enemy Territory is released!

As the subject blares, the free stand-alone Enemy Territory has been released. Should we look at maybe putting some time in on this one?
(Even though the weapon modeling is HORRIBLY inaccurate!)

Getting with BitTorrent now, but Im at work

I played it a bit last night, never really played the first one so I can''t compare... But it was quite a bit of fun.

ET is seriously addicting...though at times I find myself yelling at my ""teamates"" more than playing as so many people take zero or very little time to actually try and play correctly.

But as with most team games..get a good server and some quality players and its a blast..

Just the other day me and my buddy and 2 others held the bank and the last brick of gold for 20:11. yes...before I got everyone organized the Allies had managed to breach the bank and get the first brick of gold in less than 10 min.