PlanetSide Players?

Hey all, a friend gave me the code for the 7 day trial of PlanetSide.

I installed it and played it for about 4 hours last night.. I'm diggin' it. Gonna run trial for a couple more days, and then I'll either pick it up, or just play the trial out.

Anyway, if anyone is playing, I'm currently on the Emarald server. I'm in the Terra Faction and go by the name of Cuebert (big surprise here).

Anyone else playing, and where are you?

Emerald has been kind of laggy. But thats my outfit''s main server. We play as NC. We''re on Konried if Emerald is bugging out.

I play as Yomm. Cute, huh? Look forward to smacking you around a little bit.

Im JadeRedfang on Emerald, TR.

Welcome to TR! You know you want to get bragging rights for killing Yomm first! There can be only one GWJ faction. Long live Terra!

Emabulator from Evil Avatar is SoulReaper on Emerald, TR. Look us both up we have a decent outfit we joined. If neither of us is on, look up a guy named Rees and tell him you''re a friend of us. Heh, he''ll let you in =)

Well, I received a copy from Sony today so if nothing else you will probably see me on Emerald slogging away for review purposes

I have an extra CD key so assuming Elysium doesn''t be a wuss and back out he should be on as well.

Yeah, yeah. Looks like I''m in.

Good stuff... I''ll be heading out Saturday or Sunday for a ride, so I''ll be picking up my copy. I''m still playing with the 7-day trial key, so it won''t really affect anything, except that I''ll be playing after 7 days

Certis and Elysium.. make sure to post your info whenever you get in-game.

Jeez twist you''re arm man!

I have to point out that I love the new roll. Happy feelings :roll:!

I feel like joining the Rainbow Whig Party for some reason.

I do too. I was going to use the

but I opted for

IT''S NOT A .roll. !


As far as icons go, I admit its got that *snap* *snap* to it for all around warmy gushyness, but its not a .roll. You need to find another name for it.

how''s about ""super""

All I know is everytime I see it, I want to burst into song from the ""Jesus Christ Super Star"" musical.

''It was the age of Aqarius...the age of Aqarius....''

Yomm, get your 60''s musicals straight. Age of Aquarius is from Hair, not JCSS.

Wow, I should probably be banned for knowing that.

If you''re looking for the proper line, Yomm, it''s (digging really deep into my memory here):

""Jesus Christ...Superstar...Who are you? What have you sacrificed?""


I humbly bow to those who''s knowledge of hippy musicals surpases my own.