Tales from Planetside

Just thought I'd detail the happenings in PS. Yomm can feel free to chime in with his accomplishments as well.

Yesterday was a great day!

I went on a serial killing spree as a stealther during my evening session. I think I capped 8 NC infantry in about 3 hours. That doesnt count all the assists that I should get credit for but dont. I went from almost BR6 to over halfwway to BR9 yesterday and earned around 350+ outfit points. When I log in today I will have the title Master at Arms bestowed upon me with 613 total outfit points in my first 2 days.

My second session involved balancing out a diverse group in my Cycler MAX. The first base we capped saw friendly infantry following in my wake as I lay down destruction en route to the CC of the base. "MAX in the CC" came the cry over squad com. Not only did the MAX fall at my feet but his 2 infantry buddies vainly trying to jump over my ammo spread flopped lifelessly to the floor. "CC cleared. Hacking started." It was really funny as I locked down my MAX in defensive position inside the CC. About 12 infantry that were using me as cover to get to the CC flooded through the door, trying to flush out any scraps of resistance.

Heavy assault troops from Vanu Sovereignty and wall turrets gave us quite some difficulty at Gwydion base. We persisted and slowly eroded the defenses as we discovered their AMS locations inside the base. I got in a one on one 30 yard standoff with a VS Starfire MAX. Deftly dodging his fire, I fell him with 2/3 armor remaining. The lesson here kids is: use your zoom and fire in bursts! My squadmates applauded my performance as they had front row seats atop the base wall.

You might think that would be a great high note to exit the evening on. However, i stayed on to cap 3 more bases and thwart the hack of another. We locked Forsenal!

Good times!

Hmm...you might have just sold me..

Damn, I''m only BR 5 and CR 1. You''re kicking some serious ass.

Last night we had an Ant race. It was pretty f''n funny seeing 20 Ants lined up and racing around a continent. We had some air support but still got smacked around a little. Plus, the TKing while driving was sooooo much fun.

Heh if you bump into DimegaX be sure to say hi from JadeRedfang for me. He has sworn revenge on me!

Yomm back me up on this as its a very funny phenomena in Planetside. All infantry exhibit this behavior.

TR is charging and enemy held tower that was just taken over by NC. There are about 10 infantry and me in my Cycler MAX. The infantry are faster than the MAX so they flood through the door to the tower. By the time I chug to door all TR infantry is retreating out after running into heavy resistance. ""No fear!"" After wading through my countrymen, I plow through the door as NC defenders pop and bounce around completely freaked out when they see my MAX followed by the scores of TR infantry in my wake. They have a MAX with them but he doesnt last long.

Its pretty hilarious as they do the equivilent of peeing their pants by feverishly trying to switch to a grenade and then drop it at their own feet as they have no time to throw. Cue their death animation. Its such a great feeling completely rooting out the bottom half of a tower.

Ah the fickle morale of infantry! They are all Rambo till they get shot at!

PS - CR1 is nothing to shake a stick at. I hear CR xp is many times slower than BR xp.

Im at 820 outfit points now =P I picked up antivehicle cert. My reaver and tank notches have increased dramatically.

Yeah, TR Maxs can kiss my ass.

Nothing worse then running into one of those in locked down mode. Ow.

Of course, those smart guys who can do an end around on them, usually can nail them deader then dead in no time.

But the zerg mentality against them, really ticks me off. I end up splatered with plasma all over me b/c some dumb ass tried to throw in a nade and got pegged before he could toss it.

BTW, my outfit is coming back to Emerald now, its only a matter of time before you run into either me, or some of my guys (in Sturmgrenadier) and you will know it.

Well actually if NC was using the right weapons, it might be a different story. Those f''in jackhammers hurt! And that shotgun pistol aint nothing to sneeze about either.

Jackhammer''s can kill infantry in agile armor in 3 shots. It does some pretty good damage to MAX armor too.

S''all right cuz we have the ultimate anti Reaver weapon. That''s right flyboy you got pwn3d by a lone infantry with the homing Stryker! The ammo takes up huge space and the clip only holds 3 shots (not enough to down a Reaver but 4-5 shots will do) and the reload takes like 3 seconds but it packs a punch! Harassers take maybe a hair more than one shot. Basilisk forget about it. Magriders take quite a few. About 5 I would say. You can get a lock on an enemy MAX too. Cue the wicked laughter.

Im kinda bummed. I usualy get 25-30 a session but last night there wasnt much resistance so my squad just went around cappin bases and towers. I actually only had like 4-6 kills and prolly 10 deaths. I will have to rectify that situation today.

Oh I''m at 1050 outfit points

Still waiting for Fang to come in here and brag about shooting me down. .roll.

I was covering a tower with my squad when I get nailed from behind by another reaver. A few moments pass, then I get a tell:

RedJadefang: I got you, heh.

Of course, if Fang had posted, I would have been forced to mention that I nearly ran him over in my reaver, and had he not been backed up against a rock, I would have. Also, I would have mentioned we got the tower and then continued on to lock the continent.

fang and I hooked up on Saturday at one point (after I had some beers ) and we proceeded to work our 2 man squad pretty damned hard.

If memory serves correctly, we got quite a few kills... good times...

Hoping to hook up with ya again fang!

Yomm... still waiting to see you in game..

Well that wasnt a Reaver that was hitting you. It was my stryker wep. You guys had pretty much cleared our one maybe 2 Reavers I saw circling around at that point. 4-5 Reavers vs 1-2 Reavers isnt really pretty especially since I''m sure you had the element of surprise.

If I come across as a braggart you''ve got me all wrong. I''m just trying to share the for good or for awesome stories I''ve had in Planetside.

I do have honor so I refrained from mentioning the fact that I sent you to a smokey grave with the equivalent of a stinger missile, whilst you were peppering our beleaguered tower with rockets.

You did almost run me over but not before I at least chased away one of your squadron if not killed him.

I held out as long as I could. The numbers were not in our favor by a long shot. Compound that with the fact that several of our army were mercilessly sending themselves out to be slaughtered ill prepared in weapon choice. You know that machine gun isnt going to do any good against 4 Reavers a Sunderer and some MAX''s.

Let the people with the right equiptment out the door and quit clogging the hallways waiting for rocket blasts to hit you. They should for lines of defense in the halls waiting for the infantry to come and try to take the tower. But no, that aint gonna happen.

BTW the tell came later because I didnt know it was you! When I shot you down I looked at the message window to see how much xp I got. It said ""JadeRedfang<weapon>Yomm You have been awarded 300 experience points.""

So without further ado.... FIRST!!!!!

"fangblackbone" wrote:

If I come across as a braggart you''ve got me all wrong...

So without further ado.... FIRST!!!!!

I don''t consider you a braggart at all, its all in good fun.

I do, however, consider you top of my ''most desired kill'' list.

If I know you''re on, I may, from time to time, let you know where we are, but only after we get there, and have a foothold. :p

Don''t worry Fang. All I have to do is name myself France and wander the continents demanding an end to hostilities and I''ll get that coveted ''most desired kill'' spot.

And if I so choose to accept your invitation, I will remind my fellows to come equipped with their best AV weaponry. Though I cant imagine this invitation holding much satisfaction for you. By accepting your invite I''d be willingly headed for a fight I can only hope to feign a threat due to far inferior numbers. Strategy might rule the day, however and I''ve got a plan brewing.

LOL Elysium! It will be a race to see which army can kill you first. Including our own!

Someone on our army IS named FreedomFries!