Shadowbane Servers Hacked?!

Just received the following in an email from a co-worker regarding the Shadowbane servers:

Official Announcement

Still trying to find out what happened... anyone know?

Edit: User comments from someone who was there :

The link to doesnt work, but Slashdot says

""..teleporting people all over the world, teleporting hostile guards into the safe-holds, bringing in hordes of special event monsters, and teleporting everyone to a city at the bottom of the sea.""

Link does work, but it''s getting /. ''d so it takes a try or two to see it.

Yeah, I got it, so in that thread it says on the beta boards someone posted a video of this in action. You cant see the beta boards without being in the beta. On another unrelated note, anyone that doesn''t have a shadowbane account care to post it?

This is a released product.

Beta ended in March!

Oh man, well thats even worse.