Holy bat damage! (Diablo 1.1)

The Assassin's Phoenix Strike Finishing Move has been greatly upgraded. The exact level of damage is hard to determine because she's up to slvl 27 and there's other skills that interact to boost the damage of the individual elemental portions of the move.

There's also another screenshot showing off Claw Vipers in the Worldstone Keep. Good stuff!

Not that this statement is worth anything but Bill Roper said that conservative estimates places the patches release at around the first week of June.

To bad I cant stand the play mechanic for martial arts skills. They always had good damage. But of course I''ve said that before.

So if conservative estimate say first week of june, then liberal estimates say any time now! WOOT!

Remember that the cross skill bonuses only count for the points you put into them and do not increase for skill points earned through items.

God I cant wait!

I am definitely looking forward to delving into D2 again. I just have to decide what kind of character I want this time... No matter how many times I reload D2 I end up with a Barbarian eventually.