Insight to the \"average\" high schooler

[quote=""Rat Boy""DC teens they had a team that anybody would give a crap about, then maybe...[/quote]

I swear Rat, if I didn''t think you were trying to piss me off intentionaly (which in itself, calls into question the level of maturity), I''d consider you nothing more than an irksome nuisance which has to be dealt with in order to read more intellectual and thought provoking material from smarter folks then you.

I would have also pointed out (had you been serious) that self-stimulation does not, in fact, substitute as a social life and would have volunteered to find you alternative ways of dealing with those feelings of utter failure as a human being.

But, being as you were joking, and ha ha bully for you, I''ll only ask you to tread ever so carefully in making any remarks that could even resemble something slightly tarnishing towards the Washington Redskins.

Any further, or even implied, derogatory remarks will result in me having to open my can of ownage and send you crying to whatever entity bravely calls you kin (ha ha, another joke, since we''re all joking).

Believe me when I say this: You know nothing about the Redskins, and I will slam you like a wet trisket should you even have the gall to try.

I disagree with you on many points. I don''t mind so much when you just try to add fuel to the fire for your own sick little follies, but DO NOT, under any circumstances, fool yourself into thinking you know something about my Redskins.

I''m not thrilled about your comments regarding all of D.C teams, but I''ll let it slide for the sake of peace and goodwill. You''re wrong, but no need to spend too much time debating it.

Your liberal slant is annoying, but (somewhat) respected for the fact of this being an open and mature forum with a great exchange of information; however, that ceases at the door step to the NFL, the NFC East, and the Washington Redskins.

But hey, you were joking. Not funny, but I''ll give you a point for cuteness. Now back off.

(PS. the roll icon blows)

The Redskins are poopy. poopy

Nice try Pyro.

And they say a watched pot never boils...

Yeah, well, some things are sacred.

We need Gibbs back!

Darrell, I miss you already! You are a class act in a world of Primadona talents.

"fangblackbone" wrote:

We need Gibbs back!

Darrell, I miss you already! You are a class act in a world of Primadona talents.

Darrell Green was one of those very rare profesional athletes in any sport. He was with one team only, and continues to give back so much to the community. He''s always said he played football so he could afford to do the charity work which is more important.

Almost in second was his incrediable skill at a postion that long ago should have gone to younger players. He will indeed be missed as a football player, but D.C is very lucky to have him as a person.

And I miss Gibbs, too, but he''s doing fine in NASCAR so I wish him well.

WWII Germany and Italy were very much different from the situation in the middle east now. Italy was fascist, but only because the people in power were. It was never a popular movement. Once the allies started taking control, Mousallini was ousted and the country switch sides and fought with the allies. Well, kinda fought anyway. Germany was a little closer. Hitler came to power because he was able to take advantage of the German people''s feelings of humiliatoin after WWI. (There''s a reason Hitler made France sign their surrender in the same rail car Germany was forced to sign theirs in after WWI). But there was no religion involved, really. The persecution of Jews was only partially about religion, I think. Really, the nazis just singled out a group for their people to blame for Germany''s problems.
Anyway, I''m not really sure where I was going with this, except to say that WWII and the current Gulf problems are very much different