I Caved!

In lieu of recent warming of my perception of EQ2, that $21.99 a month all access pass for SOE games has become a done deal.

So, without further thought, I bought Planetside and I'm installing it right now.

I plan on hooking up with Emabulator from Evilavatar on the Emerald server. I think he's playing Terran.

I hope my caving in has a domino effect starting with Elysium (the easiest convert ), and moving onto Certis, Sway, Gaald, Pyroman, Reaper and the rest!

Cheers! To hot dropping to the MOOOON!!!!

Well, I have a couple of review copies on the way according to SOE so it''s possible you will see Elysium and I on there at some point, weak will or no!

I''d love to get going on Planetside but I''m deploying pretty soon, fang, so no dice.
If you guys are still playing a year from now, you can count on seeing me then.

When you heading out Reaper?

Yeah, you gonna be off the internet? No Raven Shield? Who will watch my back against the conniving Elysium? And Kegboy? And ... actually youre probably the only person that hasn''t TKed me yet. Still, good luck.

Well, I''ll join when the majority of players here agree that it is a good game. As it is, nah.


Well... I can''t say the specific dates except to say that I will be gone by mid July for training and won''t be back until April-ish.

I may be able to forum lurk and that''s about it. I''m working on securing a notebook and may be able to get some rudimentary gaming going on but I can promise nothing.

I hope you manage something Reaper, who''s going to tell us more stories and explain to Elysium why guns shoot death?

good luck Reaper. Hope you can stop by every now and then. And to the others: Forgive my ignorance, but what is SOE? Another MMORPG?

Sony Online Entertainment

in other words Verant

The deal is $21.99 a month to have accounts in Planestside, Everquest, Everquest 2 (when released), Everquest Online Adventures (EQ for PS2) and Tanarus

It will not include Star Wars Galaxies.

You know, I just thought of something. With one of these accounts can I play Planetside and let a family member or friend use my account to play EQ or EQOA? Simultaneously? Hmmm....

Don''t forget Infantry, Fang. I assume they''re still providing that game, and it''s from the makers of the classic Subspace. Honestly, the SOE bundle deal is an excellent value if you''re interested in their games.

God Speed, Reaper.

And Fang, Welcome!! I''m on Emerald with NC. My outfit is Sturmgrenidier (sp), prepare to be pwned!

prepare to be pwned!


With my allergies, that''s a glass of death.

Thanks Cerits.

One of my coworkers came into my office wondering why I just laughed so hard outloud.

That pic r0x0rs!

Where can I get it?

Where can I get it?

Right click on it and save as

Good luck Reaper and drop us a line and let us know how you are, now I''ll just have to kill Pyro some more to make up for your absence!

"Certis" wrote:
Where can I get it?

Right click on it and save as ;)

I''m at work, and wanted to post that on another board. I guess I''ll just have to wait to get home to do it. Man, that is funny.

Anyone know where there''s a site of ''Owned'' pics or anything like it?

Anyone see the Bruce-Lee clip, where he''s got a guy down and then kicks him square in the nads? The screen freezes...then in large letters...OWNED.

Pretty damn funny.

Heh I pestered quite a bit of your countrymen last night, Yomm!

If you get plucked in the back of the head from someone you cant see, that''s me blowing you a kiss

Ok I hate cats, yet I seem to be the only one who feels sorry for that kitty? Good lord! How about I take one of you and stuff you into a container relativly the same size as that cup is to that cat. I doubt you''d be happy.

"Yomm" wrote:

Anyone know where there''s a site of ''Owned'' pics or anything like it?


Somethingawful forums are the best.