To: Eidos Interactive

To: Eidos Interactive Ltd

The PC gaming community has not been the same since John Romero released Daikatana into the world. Love it or hate it, it was always a game that any two PC gamers could talk about endlessly during it's long and much-publicized development. Alas, John Romero's new project, Monkeystone games, has not generated the sort of sensational speculation that was taken for granted during the long years of Daikatana's development.

We believe there are many sound business reasons for developing a sequel to Daikatana. The first would be the instant publicity you would get by attaching the Daikatana title to almost any game, which would certainly attract customers to take a look at it. Secondly, due to the horrible reputation of the original, impressing gamers with a decent game might actually be easier than with a game that has no historical significance. Thirdly, Daikatana's former notoriety has left many people with a feeling of nostalgia for the days leading to the game's completion. The development of Daikatana's sequel might be watched even more closely than the current king of speculation, Duke Nukem Forever.

Whether developed by John Romero or not, anyone can see the business potential of a game named "Daikatana 2". Eidos, we are asking you to indulge us with a sequel.


The Undersigned

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rofl, that was a good one.

I''d only sign that from the blood of my severed finger.

Wow, um, what can you say.

I think it that would be great to see Daikatana II released using the Doom III engine in the year 2350 when holodecks are real.

It''s not like it will come out any sooner.

Just what the gaming world needs...another Daikatana. Oh, wait a minute, that would be Duke Nukem Forever!